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Hard Bed is Good for the Back

30 Sep

Didn't make it far...

You know those days when you wake up and hear the rain lashing the window (like today) and you just can’t seem to get yourself up and at ’em?  Have you ever started to doze off in the shower or perhaps even crawled back into bed?  Or have you crawled from your bed and collapsed into a fresh snooze on a hard piece of furniture like William?  It is near the bed, after all.  Cozy enough.


Worse than crackers in bed…

29 Sep

It's just chocolate milk, folks.

The good news.  He is in his bed.  The bad news…so is his chocolate milk.  Although this looks like the aftermath of a college party.

(nod here to Brenna for the brilliant “Why Having a Toddler is Like Being at a Frat Party”)

A word to the wise for those of you who do not yet have toddlers.  Those cups with the twist-and-lock lid are not really “locked.”  Also, even bleach does not get out chocolate milk.

Toy Coma II

28 Sep

overwhelmed by excess...

American consumerism at its worst.  Complete Toy Coma.  Breathed too many of the deadly fumes of capitalism.  Note, at very least, the environmentally-friendly diaper.

A Toddler’s Work is Never Done!

28 Sep

It's too much!

I, too, feel crushed by the weight of the unending stream of dirty laundry. Having kids was actually my ploy to get someone else to do the household chores.  Instead, they are sleeping on the job!

Yoga ends in relaxation…

27 Sep

Naps strengthen your core...

Or is this pilates?  All I know is that anyone who can take an entire nap while balancing on a ball has got to be a fitness prodigy.


Watching the Game?

26 Sep

Just a typical man

He’s not.  The remote in his hand is for the ceiling fan.  Frankly, I find the ceiling fan more exciting than football.  Not sure he did, though.

Just Like a Junior Associate…

25 Sep

I remember those nights as an assistant account executive, when I’d be nearly falling asleep at my computer in my cubicle, running on a dinner of buttered microwave popcorn.

You shouldn't sleep at your computer.

Mostly, I tried to make sure I remembered my pants, of course.  And I never stayed there all night.   Ten points to people who can find Blue Puppy in this picture.  Poor puppy.'s not ergonomically sound.

Also, of course, I always try to remember not to fall asleep on my farm animal puzzles, no matter how comfy they may seem.

But it’s good that William is such a hard worker, right?

The Sweet Strains of Slumber

24 Sep

On tour too long...

We have this keyboard that plays one hundred muzak songs, ranging from the Wedding March to “Everything I Do, I Do it For You” (unfortunately).  William went through a stage where he would sit for…literally…an hour or more and sway to the music at top volume.  Apparently, this stuff could be bottled and sold to insomniacs.  Bryan Adams + Muzak = zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Who Says Men Can’t Multi-task?

24 Sep

Eat and Sleep. Eat and Sleep.

Why waste valuable time when you could accomplish two things at once?  Judging by the spillage, however, he might need a little more practice before adding milk.


Guest Napper #1

24 Sep

From what I gather, this innocent-looking dog despised children prior to having to live with one.  As seen here, the dog is now cozying up…plotting?  Scheming?

Keep your friends close and your enemies...closer

Thanks to Brenna from for this one!

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy…

24 Sep

Perhaps we should get a hammock?

Since today is another record-breaking ninety degree day (WTF Fall?) it seemed only appropriate to pull out a picture of  another summery nap of old.  It wasn’t this hot that day, thankfully, but William is showing a propensity to enjoy a good sauna, as is evidenced by this cleansing nap on the wood planks.

Disclaimer: No bunnies or children were slathered with baby oil or in any way burned or toasted during the production of this picture.

O True Apothecary!

23 Sep

Dramatic flair

Of all the naps I’ve captured, this one had to be the most graceful…the most balletic.  It’s like he and Blue Puppy are part of a Shakespearean tragedy.

Put this in any sippy cup you will,
And drink it off; and, if you had the strength
Of twenty puppies, it would dispatch you straight.

Don’t worry.  He woke up later and had some cheerios.

Toy Coma #1

23 Sep

Ain't that a kick in the head?

There’s so much going on here that I don’t know what caused the collapse.  Was it the taxing reading material?  The heavy stacking cups?  The tennis?  Or did he somehow knock himself out while kicking off his shoes?  We’ll ask him when he comes to.

Don’t drink and…dust?

23 Sep

Housework sucks the life out of me, too.

Milk and microfiber cloths just don’t mix, apparently.

Limbs akimbo!

22 Sep

Bunny takes a hit for the team...

One of the most amazing things is how he sleeps peacefully, for hours, looking like he just plunged off a 50-story building.  Good thing Bunny breaks his fall.

The rustic life has appeal…

22 Sep


Still life with ball and watering can


As the weather improved, outdoor napping became a new and tantalizing option.

Nosedive…with soft landing.

22 Sep


No - it is not posed.


Folks, what can I say?  One second he was sitting up.  I came back into the room less than five minutes later and saw this.  He stayed there upwards of a half hour.

Background noise be damned…

22 Sep


Beverages make for pleasant naps...


On this particular day, I found him like this, with a half-consumed smoothie, in front of the roaring menu for the Ice Age video.  ROOOOAAAR!   ROOOOAAR!  He was undisturbed.  He had the police to protect him.

Better with friends…

22 Sep


A boy and his bunny. And puppy.


William quickly discovered that napping was nicer with similarly exhausted friends.  Bunny proved a good repeat nap buddy and Blue Puppy became a convert.  In case you’re wondering what that string is, it’s a helium balloon, floating just out of frame.  Sort of like a day at the sleepy circus.

Who needs cushioning?

22 Sep




The next day, he set his sights even lower.  Also, this appeared to be a pants-optional kind of nap.

In the beginning, there was a random nap…

22 Sep

It all started with the ottoman.

Bunny is sympathetic

William had started exhibiting a reluctance to take his nap in his bed, so I was letting him run himself to exhaustion.  On this particular day, the exhaustion appears to have caught up with him while he was only half done with the task of climbing onto the ottoman.

Bunny was tired, too.

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