Stairway to Heaven

13 Oct

One day, I heard William’s talking Little Einstein doll get stuck on repeat, and I knew that a nap was happening.  What I didn’t anticipate was the excellent location.


A real cliffhanger...


Please spare me the shock that I allowed my son to sleep on the steps.  I immediately went to the bottom and piled couch cushions on the floor in case of a mid-dream upset.

Then I callously took this picture of the trapped doll.


Help! Help!


…who was basically screaming in William’s ear, to no avail.

I left William to his snoozes.  A little while later, the doll gave up the ghost.  I looked again and saw William sitting up on the bottom step, looking bleary-eyed.

I walked away.

A few moments later, I saw this:


Second Wind


He slept peacefully for hours.  So, finally, did the doll.


7 Responses to “Stairway to Heaven”

  1. letmestartbysaying October 13, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    This is absolutely adorable.

    (and watching Leo’s panicked face beneath the curls is fantastic)

  2. Jeanne October 20, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    Just saw this…followed through a maze of blog sites and the Versitile Blogger award. Poor kid! These are great photos! Love It! p.s. my child does not nap. I have extreme nap envy…


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