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All Dressed Up…

30 Nov

…and clearly going nowhere.  It seems like whatever we were doing that day, it wore the little guy out.


A snazzier snooze...

Puppy is thinking he just weighs more with all these preppy clothes on.  He’s probably voting to go back to diaper-and-t-shirt naps.

What really amazes me is how color-coordinated he is with that carpet.  I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.


Guest Napper #4

29 Nov

Brooke surely has the most stylin’ napper here in the form of little “Z”.

William usually plasters himself to the floor wearing mismatched plaids or no pants.  This awesome little guy seems to have strolled into the house after digging for worms on a warm day, tossed off these happenin’ little galoshes, and settled in to absorb a highly artistic graphic  novel, suitable for young readers (of course).

It's not a COMIC, people....sheesh.

Even the loud WHOOSH! from his story couldn’t keep him awake, however.  He rested his chin on his very international shirt-sleeve and drifted off to dream of his future as a famous artist and U.N. translator.

Or maybe he’s just thinking about getting all the cute girls at kindergarten to loan him their Hello Kitty erasers?

Sweet dreams, little hipster.

Thankful for Team Naps

23 Nov

With Turkey Day fast approaching, family members and friends arriving in town, and work winding down, I know that the last thing you all will be doing is reading a blog about naps.  Perhaps you will find time to take one for a change!

I thought about posting a nap-while-eating, but what seemed nicer was to pause and be thankful for moments like this one, which I captured on camera by sheer luck.


May this holiday bring you safe travels, perfectly timed side dishes, and lots of love.

Oh…and some good sleep.  Everything else is gravy.

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Naps Happen!

Squishiest and Most Secretest…

22 Nov

You will not be surprised to hear that, the day this nap occurred, I had trouble finding my son.


Shhh! I'm back HERE!

He was wedged behind the toddler armchair in his bedroom.

It seemed perfect for today, though, because I just made my Thanksgiving Week trip to the supermarket.  Now, of course, every holiday week is hell at the grocery store.  But because of the unfortunate fact that the schools are closed due to employee furlough…it was even more horribler.   Yes, you heard me.  I’m an English teacher, but I deem Wegmans today to have been more horribler than usual, thanks to the excess of screaming children, large carts, and oblivious people tasting cheese.  Seeing as how this is Monday, I predict that Wednesday will be the most horriblest day of shopping ever.

Anyway, back to this nap – this is what I wanted to do when I finally found a quiet space in the aisle with the cleaning products and the foil.  There was nobody there, and I just wanted to curl up and obscure myself.  Sadly, I did have to check out.

Good on William for finding a hidey hole.

So quiet. So un-horribler.

Toxic Shock

19 Nov

Well, I really just have to say that I knew it all along.

This appalling photo (shield your children’s eyes) shows the grim reality of what Kraft Cheese and Macaroni can really do to a human being….or a puppy.

Run for your shelters!

It sits there, looking so innocent.  Mealtime staple of thousands of toddlers across the country.  But you know and I know that there is something screamingly toxic about that stuff.

No cheese is naturally that color.

Just remember, folks.  The Day After was a movie before it was a pill.

Toddler Twister

17 Nov

I realize that this nap is on a couch (yawn) but I was taken with how William can make a perfectly comfy couch nap into a perfectly uncomfy, awkward position.

I mean, really, it looks as if Telly the Teaching Time Clock is just anxiously awaiting that moment when he can sound his alarm and free William from this ridiculous snooze. Just when I thought I’d gotten the best shot of the day, though, he gave me this one.

Eat your heart out, Gene Kelly

I suppose Gene Kelly never looked awkward in his entire life, so perhaps I need to rethink my chosen dance icon.  But, seriously, he took the rest of his nap like this.

Napping with style.  That’s my man.

(S)ave (O)ur (S)leep…

16 Nov

Some day, digital archaeologists will happen upon this picture and know that William collapsed tragically into an uncomfortable nap while spelunking under our kitchen table.


He attempted to signal me, using morse code and this flashlight, but he and his companions eventually succumbed to the soporific qualities of that comfy wool rug and surrendered to sleep before help arrived.

He took Disney down with him.  Mickey and Donald – you thought nothing could destroy them, eh?  That cup of juice just wasn’t enough for a thirsty boy, three puppies, a duck, and a freakishly large mouse.

Rest in peace, little adventurers.

Guest Napper #3

15 Nov

I grateful to Sue for this napping genius, who doesn’ t even need to lie down in order to refresh himself.


I'm Still Standin'...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...


This is going to serve him really well if he can still do it when he’s grown up. And judging by the ring around his mouth, he may have also eaten something while taking this standing nap, although that has not been confirmed by the source.

Forget the Nap Olympics, that would qualify him for Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

We Have a Man Down!

12 Nov

This was one of the first times I found Cormac conked out on the floor.


You have to love this nap for its simplicity.  I’m not sure whether it reminds me more of a flying squirrel or the Nestea Plunge.

Apologies to Allison if this brings back any recent, traumatic rodent memories.

This is just Cormac’s way of saying “Hey, I don’t need fancy props to take a good nap.  Keep your toy comas to yourself.”

Teenage Dream

11 Nov

I see the future.

Weekday morning.  7 a.m.  William will STILL not be out of bed and he will be nearly late for school.  I will open the door and say “WILLIAM!  You are GOING to be LATE!” and he will cover his head with his pillow just like this and say “WHATEVER, MOM!”

Five more minutes!

Bunny refuses to take sides.


Workday Pick-Me-Up

10 Nov

Which one of us hasn’t had one of those days when we actually considered if we couldn’t hide under our desk and take a nap?  Well, William just says Carpe Diem.

Can anyone see me?

He actually crawled under here while I was sitting at the computer, working. As you can see, he squeezed Bunny and Puppy under there, too.

He’ll finish that powerpoint deck later.



Couch (Back) Potato

9 Nov

It’s not like we don’t have beds in our house, folks.  Really.  In fact, in order to increase the sleepiness of our abode, we furnished our finished basement with a sleeper sofa (big enough for two cozy people, even).

William was interested in the sleeper sofa.  Unfortunately, he was not interested in the bed portion.


Just the back.

If you're not living on the edge...

Clearly, he is not kept awake by chocolate before “bed.”  Nor is puppy.

My little couch spud.

The Tedium of Sisyphus and Joshua

8 Nov

Not quite IN the bed...

This shot represents a day when I felt we were making progress, because William conked out near his bed.  I can’t figure out how this arrangement happened, exactly.

From the looks of it, I’d say he was reading Once Upon a Potty and working on his phonics with the alphabet apple.  But the utter boredom of reading, again, about “I, Joshua’s mother, have always changed him, keep changing him, and will never STOP CHANGING HIM AND WILL BE DOING IT IN PERPETUITY!!!!” must have slain his wakefulness and caused him to seek refuge from the tedious Joshua, his repetitive mother, his potty-gifting grandmother, and the aforementioned potty-that-looks-like-a-chamber pot.  Only sleep could save him.  Heck – only sleep saves me.

Meanwhile, seeing William engrossed by Joshua’s tiresome potty story, Bunny tried to scale the bedrail and make a break for the promised land…only to slip off the bed again and fall cruelly back like Sisyphus — on top of his boy and the floor.

Keep pushing that rock uphill, Bunny.  Someday, you will get there.

For Those About To Rock…

5 Nov

Rock 'n Roll Bender

We salute you.  And, no, I did not pose this photo.

Everyone would like to think their child is a musical genius…especially those of us who are musicians, ourselves.  Well, I don’t know how musical William is going to be, but he is definitely practicing that rock ‘n roll lifestyle.  This boy loves him some Joan Jett or Billy Idol, but his favorite song goes “You shook me all nap long.”

May you party like rock stars this weekend.


The Shoe On the Other Foot

4 Nov

Have you ever woken up after a wild night of partying, in bed with your shoes on?  Or maybe you were just on the floor.

How about on the floor with one shoe on?

He got ONE off...

Poor Cormac.  They’re just wearing him out in the daycare room at the gym. No more play kitchen for him!

With this nap, I see true varsity potential.


Like Banging Your Head Against…

3 Nov

The wall.

Ever woken up with a headache and wondered if you slept funny?

My aching head...

I had a cat once who would purposely snuggle her forehead up against the wall and go to sleep.  I thought it was weird.

One day I watched William as he showed the quickly-evolving signs of the nap coming on.  He gathered his beleaguered buddies, shoved puppy under his pelvis, rested his head on bunny’s head and …scooted himself up against the wall??? Whaaaat?

And there he rested peacefully for the full length of the nap.  How peaceful puppy was is unknown.

I’m at a loss.

Future Olympian?

2 Nov

This morning seemed like a good day to bring in a new JV napper.  It will be awhile before he reaches the heights that his brother has achieved, but you have to consider his tender age at the time of this photo.

In training for the napping olympics...

Note the promising floor-level position of the nap.  The strategic use of props foretelling future toy comas.  The utter relaxation.  I think we’re going to be seeing more of this young athlete in months to come.

If you’ll look in the upper right hand quadrant of the photo, you will see that he has brought in Blue Puppy – a coach who has already worked with the best.

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