Toxic Shock

19 Nov

Well, I really just have to say that I knew it all along.

This appalling photo (shield your children’s eyes) shows the grim reality of what Kraft Cheese and Macaroni can really do to a human being….or a puppy.

Run for your shelters!

It sits there, looking so innocent.  Mealtime staple of thousands of toddlers across the country.  But you know and I know that there is something screamingly toxic about that stuff.

No cheese is naturally that color.

Just remember, folks.  The Day After was a movie before it was a pill.


2 Responses to “Toxic Shock”


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    […] Or was it the sinister contents of the meal?  I am beginning to form a hypothesis, and it involves pointing an accusatory finger at Kraft.  Just look at this other piece of evidence. […]

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    […] what’s wrong with it?  We all like to push back after a great meal and digest for a moment. Hey! You! That's better. Stay […]

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