Brotherly Love

9 Dec

Around here, tandem naps like the one I posted on Thanksgiving are, unfortunately, quite rare.  More often, one falls asleep while the other is awake.  This not only ensures I will never have a quiet moment to myself, but it also means that brotherly battles will ensue.

Evil Plot Hatching

Of my two sons, William is definitely the snooziest.  If Cormac had his way, he would never have to waste time sleeping.  Especially when the little man could be planning an assault on William’s sweet slumber.

Can't Stand It Anymore

I don’t remember exactly what happened on this particular day, but I can assure you that it involved an eye-poke, a smack over the head with a couch cushion, and the wicked theft of Blue Puppy and/or Green Blankie.

Keep Your Friends Close

William is pretty good at ignoring Cormac, which only guarantees that Cormac’s pestering skills will increase dramatically with time.

...And Your Enemies Closer


William may have triumphed today, but baby says “I’ll be back.”  No doubt…he will.


5 Responses to “Brotherly Love”

  1. Nicole (Ninja Mom) December 9, 2010 at 8:45 pm #

    Boys are devious. I know it generalizing and all, but still true.

  2. Let Me Start By Saying September 3, 2011 at 10:35 am #

    Gee, he doesn’t look like a diaper full of mischief at all….


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