Still Life With Puppies

24 Feb

I think William felt slighted when I featured Cormac in an artistic pose.  He appears to have produced his own psuedo-Flemish masterpiece.

So peaceful.

Let’s see, we have two ride-on toys and two…no…three stuffed puppies and a blankie.  All we’re missing is the ubiquitous bowl of fruit.  He seems to have borrowed from Vermeer there, with the light entering the scene from the left side.

I am very pleased with this artistic promise.


3 Responses to “Still Life With Puppies”

  1. {gemmifer} February 26, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    The ride-on horsey looks beautiful in the glow of the sunlight. This scene is definitely influenced by the Dutch Masters. Bravo, William. Bravo.


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