Puppy Parade

16 Mar

With all the sobering news out there right now, I didn’t really feel right about posting comical naps this past week, hence my brief absence.  I want to say, first and foremost, that I am sensitive to the fact that people have much more important things to think about than silly blogs!

However, after spending the morning at the DMV, I was freshly inspired to post the “nap” you see below.  It was so appropriate, and it gave me a much-needed laugh to think of sharing it with all of you…most of whom have also been to the DMV at some point and know its particular tortures.

William put himself down for a nap (in bed – a shocker) the other day, which wasn’t that entertaining.  What was entertaining was how his room looked when he cheerily toddled downstairs for a juice.

Puppy Parade

I’m fairly sure this is really about William’s persistent desire for symmetry in life…but anyone who has ever observed meetings between dogs can’t help but notice a humorous authenticity to the way the dogs are arranged.

Are you a friend?

Greetings, puppies!

I am, indeed, thankful that my trip to the DMV was a little less friendly than this.

Take a number!

But at least they’re all standing in line quietly like civilized puppies.


Just a little message from William that we should all be friendly, wait our turn, and make time in life to enjoy the simple things.


4 Responses to “Puppy Parade”

  1. Jeremy March 16, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    …and if it takes a little butt-sniffing among friends at the dmv to make things happen, so be it 😉

  2. Jen March 16, 2011 at 8:16 pm #

    Leave it to kids to help us find the funny again.


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