Guest Napper #13 – Unbearably Tired

24 Mar

My friend Fran sent me several delicious naps that really warmed up my rainy day.  For cuteness factor, though, this one of her little guy (whose awesome name is Trip) was my top choice.

Looks like a Grrrreat Nap, eh?

I know, I know…my caption is a little saccharine.

What do you want from me, people?  Because the other direction I could go in has to do with hunting season, and that’s just WRONG.

With four more of this exhausted kid in the hopper, you know a joke about tripping is coming.  Because I’m that unpredictable.


One Response to “Guest Napper #13 – Unbearably Tired”


  1. Guest Napper #12 Redux « Naps Happen - April 14, 2011

    […] parents around the country, in fact,  who are asking where the #$%#! spring is right about now.  Trip seems to have given up asking and just dozed off by the door. […]

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