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Convertible Nap

28 Apr

I’m so sorry I’ve been AWOL this week!  As those of you who know me well are quite aware, I am on the last week of my graduate degree and with two final papers due, my ability to post has somewhat diminished!

So imagine my delight when my friend over at My Convertible Life posted this truly top-notch, first-class stair nap featuring her daughter Pippi.

Convertible Girl/Mom is a really interesting, funny blogger who also advocates for education reform.  Definitely go see this nap and stay to read for awhile!  See you again in a few days when I emerge from my fog of paper writing!

Can I take a nap now?


Pseudo Snooze

24 Apr

Being a truthful nap aficionado, I have to come out and say that (as you can see) he is not REALLY sleeping here.  However, this moment was too funny not to post on this Easter holiday, because I did really come in the room to find him like this — a victim to a strange Easter egg coma.


Hoppy Easter!

To all who celebrate, may your hams be honeybaked and may your bunnies have solid ears.

Much Love…Team Naps

Lunchtime Lethargy

22 Apr

I promised you more pictures of Cormac sleeping at the table, and I will not disappoint.

Showing excellent balance

Judging by this performace, I’d say he’s not far from being able to sleep standing up.  At very least, he is going to be awesome at sneaking that little post-lunch snooze in algebra about fourteen years from now.

Let’s hope, by then, he will have given up the pacifier.

Happy Friday!

Guest Napper #16 – Baby Blockade

20 Apr

Shannon sent me this photo of her son, Henry who conked out on the hardwood floor after a particularly taxing diaper change.

Not thinking Henry would really go to sleep, his dad handed him a pillow and walked away for a moment, only to return to a snoozing babe.  He resourcefully covered him with a coat and then stood up and realized that Henry’s position, blocking the bathroom door, would…uh…prevent Daddy from getting inside the bathroom.

Roughing It

And so it was that Daddy was probably introduced to the Potty Dance.  File that one under “naps to avoid when you have just had several cups of morning coffee.”


There are rules, people.

Stretchy Snooze

19 Apr

Speaking of naps that double as exercise, check out this version of a spinal twist.

Great for the back.

This is just another in a series of naps my boys have undertaken for the improvement of their backs.

A wider shot, of course, shows Cormac’s utter mockery for the concept of soft sleeping.  Not only has he removed all the cushions from the sofa bed, but he has pushed them out of view to clear himself a nice, woolly, carpeted space for his stretches.

Next up, a little cat/cow stretch?  Who can say.

Yawning Yoga

18 Apr

There’s something composed about this nap that really takes me back to the first time William tried Pilates.  I have to say, though, that sleeping unmercifully on top of your best friend is probably not in the spirit of one’s practice.

As a longtime fan of yoga, however, I have to appreciate the pose he has achieved, wherein his one leg balances effortlessly as he sleeps.  Or is he about to do some toning exercises?

Yogi at Work?

Also less-than-peaceful is the wider shot, where you can see that he is about to have a basket (albeit a basket of blissful nothingness) come tumbling down upon his relaxation pose.

Demonstration of Balance?

Aerial Assessment

William may last a long time in this peaceful pose, but I think Blue Puppy may make a break for it.

Guest Napper #13 Redux

14 Apr

Spring has sprung

The grass has riz

I wonder where the flowers is?

I know a whole bunch of parents around the country, in fact,  who are asking where the #$%#! spring is right about now.  Trip seems to have given up asking and just dozed off by the door.


Repeat to yourself:

April showers bring May flowers.  April showers bring May flowers.  April showers…bring…um…ghhghgh…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Those of us who can’t take a comforting nap will have to stand by the window and fume.

Ninja Mom has posted a rant I wrote about noisy, evil toys on her blog today.  If you’ve never stopped by to read her wry observations on parenthood, don’t miss this chance!

Cozy Crevice

12 Apr

Got vertigo?

Avalanche Victim

I keep turning my head this way and that, and I still can’t figure out what angle I took this from.

Ahhh, yes. Stuck in a crevice.

I think he’s waiting for rescue.  Puppy is alert.

A cozy crevice, indeed.

As his boy sleeps on.

Let Sleeping Lotuses Lie

8 Apr

This nap definitely falls into the “Flexy McFlexerson” category of Gumby-like snoozes William has always been good at.

Serenity NOW!

I’m a little concerned that his foot will fall asleep (like my whole leg did a couple of times, after which I foolishly stepped out of bed and went crashing to the floor in the dark.  Er…I digress.)

Unfortunately, this nap also reminds me of the terrible movie version of Eat, Pray, Love.  He looks like he’s trying to meditate, but just can’t overcome his inner dialogue that is broadcasting, “William!  We have fallen asleep without Blue Puppy!”

Of course, it doesn’t stop him from napping, for goodness sake.  There are limits!


FRIDAY BONUS: Check out my guest post about the genuine McDonald’s Playland horror experience on Motherhood WTF!

Dreamy Duo

7 Apr

Sometimes I come downstairs to see why they are so quiet, and this is what I find.

Genetic Link?

One boy sneaks under.

Burrowing Brother

The other collapses over.

Toddler Up Top

And they are both faaaaast asleep.

The End.

Guest Napper #15

6 Apr

I’m beginning to see a trend here, and I am wondering what does it all mean???? Joanie sent me this picture of her daughter Abbey, who was conquered by her meal and fell prey to exhaustion at the table.

Does Mac 'n Cheese Contain Tryptophan?

Or was it the sinister contents of the meal?  I am beginning to form a hypothesis, and it involves pointing an accusatory finger at Kraft.  Just look at this other piece of evidence.

On the other hand, legions of exhausted parents might flock to the shelves to get a little of this pasta-generated peace and quiet.  Just sayin’.  And now I’m going to stop before I make an inappropriate Benadryl joke.

What’s for dinner, Mom?

Sneaky Sleeper

4 Apr

Clearly I’m running out of material, because I’ve posted a pile of cushions.

Where's that baby?

Wait…is that a blonde curl?

A piggy toe?


Happy Monday to all!

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