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Unsynchronized Sleepers

27 May

As we all avoid Friday afternoon meetings, watch the clock, and count down to the first cocktail…er…hotdog…I thought it appropriate to send everyone off with some sleepy togetherness.   We may not always be in sync while snoozing, but we can still enjoy lounging about in bed on the floor.

Holiday weekend with family...

I am going to appreciate these precious moments because I know that it won’t be too many more years before the brother who was sleeping will be waking up with something scrawled on his face in magic marker.

Unconsciousness is bliss.

May your tanks be full and your bladders empty, as you ride off into the sunset for beachier pastures.  Or just crack open a cold one on your deck.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Summer is here…


This is a good one…

24 May

I stumbled upon this old video totally by accident, while posting the last Naps Happen video.  I had completely forgotten about it, which amazes me.  What could be better?

I think it was Allison at Motherhood WTF   (Edit: Nope – it was Kim at Let Me Start By Saying…sorry Kim!) who requested live footage of how naps “happen.”  What I am showing you here is a very early sign of what was coming, before the first nap I ever photographed even happened.

Important: The music is not a track I laid on.  It was in the room, coming from the keyboard muzak function.

Enjoy.  If you can stay awake.


Put Your Feet Up

23 May

Cormac is just taunting me, here.  Okay – this is not his bed.  But it’s like he said “You have failed as a parent.  As other toddlers nap in their beds the world over, this afternoon, I will lie here.”

End of Yoga Practice - Inversions

And he’s feeling pretty serene about it. Note the tranquil expression on his face. If only his legs were a little higher, I’d say he was doing his inversion at the end of yoga class. With shoes.

I especially like the synchronized napping he’s got going on with bunny, in the background.  Right leg UP…nowwww NAP!

May you experience a peaceful beginning to your pre-holiday week.  Go for the full shoulder stand.

Rapturous Repose

20 May

Sometimes the funniest details of a nap photo are only apparent to me when I insert it, full-size, into my post.  I thought I would be making a puppet joke.  For, indeed, Cormac looks like a boy (who is not yet a REAL boy), resting in his father’s workshop for the night.

But, instead, I noticed that he is peacefully resting on top of Mickey Mouse,  who looks like he has been crushed by his wee, curly Pinocchio.  Facedown.  No apologies.

Marionette, Interrupted

And then I had a really, really bad thought that this is all a premonition about tomorrow’s Rapture.  The angelic one, peacefully awaiting his heavenly reward (with the keys to The Gate at his feet) while the greedy, grasping empire of Disney lies FACE DOWN FACING THE RED FIRES OF HELL! (Or, as the case may be, a Lightning McQueen pop-up tent.)  Mickey and his friends will pay now for making me watch Bambi so very many times.

I worried for a minute that making fun of the (supposed) Rapture might send me to Hell.  But then my friend pointed out that there are SO many other reasons I won’t make the cut for the favored 3%.  This is the least of it.  Like what about that time my kid dipped his pacifier in the toilet at the Hilton Garden Inn?

Roughing It Respite

19 May

Cormac takes after me in just about every way…but not this one.  I hate camping.

If it’s not simply about my general dislike of being damp, cold, and having to pee in the woods, then it has to date back to a horrible girl scout camp experience, during which I offered my parents a year’s allowance to let me come home from Camp Wa-shaw-tee in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Of course, maybe if I’d been able to camp in the comfort of my own home, while snoozing with my blankie, things could have been different.

I’m already calling it.  Dan does cub scouts.  (finger on side of nose)

Naps Happen LIVE!

17 May

Early in the days of Naps Happen, I posted a bunch of pictures of William out cold in front of what was actually a very loud keyboard playing an endless cycle of muzak songs.  The problem is, the picture just can’t convey how deep his sleep was, in the presence of such horribly noisy, cheesy Christmas Carols and renditions of Bryan Adams.

Devoted nap enthusiasts, rejoice, for Cormac has discovered the piano.

It would appear that he does not find it soporific.  William, however, is never impervious to the sweet strains of Bryan Adams.   They appear to induce slumber in some odd, Pavlovian way.

Cue the bell.  Cue the meat powder.  If only Pavlov had known about Muzak.

Guest Napper #18 – Storybook Snooze

16 May

One of my favorite bloggers, Ninja Mom, honored me twice over this weekend.  She sent me an impeccably dressed guest napper and she wrote up the nap for me, too!  If you’ve never stopped by to read her regular ruminations on the perils of parenting (although she makes no comment on the pitfalls of excessive alliteration) please do.  You won’t be disappointed!  In the meantime, do enjoy this enchanted repose.


Snacking is not for the weary. Or for girls lost in wonderland. Or for sad sack step-sister servants destined for a ball. A few days ago I looked over at the table and wondered aloud, “Where did Beans go?” In the silence that followed I heard snoring. So, when I tiptoed over to confirm that Beans had settled in for a bench nap at the kitchen table I brought the camera with me.

No cushy bed for this paupered preschooler...

Beans is an Alice devotee.  You can’t tell because she plopped belly-down and hid all the identifying bits on the front of her costume, but she’s decked out for a tea party she’d had with the March Hare and friends. Clearly the tea was uncaffeinated.

Fairy Godmother/Cheshire Cat aerial POV

 Naps Happen Note: “Honey MAID,” indeed.

Or was it all that getting ready for the ball? There was the not cleaning up of the playroom and the not dusting off of snack crumbs from the table. All of that hard work avoided and still not enough energy to hang onto both glass slippers. But maybe that’s for the best; I think I hear the Grand Duke calling in the foyer now. I hope he brought a college endowment for my princess.

Waiting for crumbs from the table?

Either way, Beans sure knows one thing: A bench is a bed your snooze makes.

For more of Nicole’s hilarity, click through to Ninja Mom Blog before she turns back into a pumpkin.  For more of my hilarity (hardy har) check out my guest post on her blog from last month.  Warning: you may be off of McDonald’s Playland for a few days.

Symbolic Sleep

13 May

Sometimes I look at the strange arrangements of these naps, and I imagine them in an art installation.  Sure, people with a classical bent may say that this is just, you know, like a picture of a bunch of soup cans.  A Walmart rug.  A cheap sofa bed.


The genius is in the details, though.  See how the subject is arranged in a fetal position, lightly draped, evoking a return to the womb and celebrating all things feminine.  See how this motherly scene constrasts with the embarrassing big-box store carpet and the scattering of material possessions in the left-hand border of the photo.

And who is perceptive enough to spot the older child standing on the fringes of the pillow-sculpture?  What does it mean?  Is the artist making a commentary on the inevitability that all sons will eventually leave the organic safety of the mother (earth?) and become materialistic men?

I’m too exhausted by the possibilities.  Please excuse me while I take a quick nap.

Back to the comfy place.

Simple Snooze

9 May

Coming off of a sunny weekend full of indulgent meals and champagne toasts to my new graduate degree, this nap struck me as being timely.

Naps Happen

Lazy Hazy Days Ahead...

I’m not saying it’s a funny nap.  Hey, we can’t be funny every day around here.  But you’ve got to admit it’s pretty sweet. I especially love how he sequestered himself way at the end of the couch like it’s a hideout.

Naps Happen

Sunny Corner

It’s not a hammock, but it will do.

Here’s to many sunny snoozes in the months ahead!

Leaning Toddler Of Pizzzzzza

6 May

When I see this extremely uncomfortable-looking nap, I can only surmise that Cormac was examining the crumbs between the couch cushions.

"Mom - I think you missed a spot..."

That’s my first thought.

And then my second thought is…how did he drop his pacifier on his right side and then swing wildly over to the left?

Faceplant in progress.

We’re going to have to work on his posture.

But it’s Friday, so you all forget about your posture and cut loose a little.  I know we will!

Guest Napper #17 – Counter Collapse

3 May

As the school year draws to a close, parents everywhere are getting tired.  But, apparently, the kids are even more beat.

Melissa shared this picture of Caitlyn on Facebook and her friends urged her to send it to me.  Apparently, she put Caitlyn up on the counter while helping her son get ready for school and turned around to find her like this.

Mom, your order is up! Er...down.

Perhaps this is finally hard evidence that backpacks have gotten too heavy?  Homework too onerous?  Beds too soft?

Thanks, Melissa, for a much-needed May mid-week lift!

Foot Rest

2 May

I really don’t know what it is about my offspring that makes them so comfortable sleeping in these ridiculous foot-dangling positions.  Seems like a sign of awesomely strong abs, if you ask me.

It's genetic.

I mean, was he like a thirsty man in the desert…crawling toward the couch with his last ounce of strength?  Never to pull himself completely onto its luxurious oasis?

Head-on collision.

Now THAT is putting your feet up.

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