Guest Napper #21 – Stand-up Sleeper

24 Jun

I remember when I was a kid, standing on the risers in choir.  “Don’t lock your knees!” the teachers would always say.  And who doesn’t remember that girl who fainted and fell forward onto the row in front of her?

Koren sent me this picture of her daughter Rachel, who is clearly practicing to be just such a girl.

Remember - don't lock your knees!

As a humorous aside, I hear she’s a pretty avid thumbsucker.  However, in this case, even the urge to soothe didn’t beat out the urge to snooze.


I guess the lesson here is that anyone who is due to stand next to Rachel in a few years (either by height or by alphabetical order) would do well to be on her LEFT.  The person on her right is toast.


One Response to “Guest Napper #21 – Stand-up Sleeper”

  1. JD June 24, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    That? Is awesome. Love! And kind of how I feel today!

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