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Guest Napper #27

29 Jul

Melissa sent me this picture of the impressively flexible Gabriella, who was exhausted from a day of shopping.


She would definitely have gotten along with little William, since they are both clearly working on their yoga and pilates practices.  In fact, call the Pilates people right now.  Gabriella has invented a new apparatus…the rolling chair.

May your weekends be sleepily serene.


Guest Napper #26

27 Jul

Ziva sent me this picture of her daughter, who is carrying on the great tradition of sleeping at mealtimes.


Hand to Mouth

As is the case in so many of these situations, I wish that there had been a video, instead.  Apparently, she traversed new territory by actually continuing to eat while napping!  Reportedly, she snoozed away while slowly taking bites of toast.

Now that is a multi-tasker, folks.  I predict a long and illustrious career for her as a project manager.  At a test kitchen.

Cozy Cohort

25 Jul

For some reason, when I saw this scene, it reminded me of a horrible dish my college cafeteria used to serve up called “Broccoli and Friends.”  Here he is – my little vegetable – surrounded by all his favorite entertainments.  Blue Puppy.  A piece of his train set.  The remote control.  Still, apparently, it was not enough to keep him awake.

a very busy nap.

Or maybe he’s like the Pharaohs of old(e) and he needs to have his stuff with him as he sleeps?

Aerial view of the activity.

I’m sure he’ll be springing into action any minute.

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Guest Napper #25

21 Jul

Rafaella couldn’t have had more perfect timing, sending me this enchanting picture of little Konstantino, who is doing not one, but TWO things we’d all like to do this week.

Dreaming with the fishes...

Sadly, he’s too wee for a fruity umbrella drink, but he’s got the sleeping and the cooling off part DOWN.  He’s even sheltering his skin from the sun so that he doesn’t look like saddle leather at age 50.  Because, you know, real tans are SO 1988.

The sleepy crew at Naps Happen suggests you crank the A/C, stay inside, and fall asleep in front of a movie this weekend.  It’s what the cool kids are doing.

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Plank Position

19 Jul

I think this whole planking trend is ridiculous.  Apparently, Cormac doesn’t.

Serious Abs...

Rather than participate, Blue Puppy has stuck his head in the sand blankie.  He’s not Cormac’s puppy ANYWAY.

Planking is too hard for puppies.

Eh.  It’s too hot to play outside, anyway.  Snooze on, little planker.  Snooze on.

Oh, like YOU haven't napped in this position.

Guest Napper #24

15 Jul

After being up with a really feverish child last night, I can certainly relate to Liam.'re in my "dance space."

His mom, Desiree, had no problem with getting right up in his chubby little face in order to capture this great moment of relaxation.

And what’s wrong with it?  We all like to push back after a great meal and digest for a moment.

Hey! You! That's better. Stay back.

Sleep and eat.  Sleep and eat.  It’s a toddler’s life.

Slumber of the Supplicant

13 Jul

For the most part, William takes after his father.  Engineer.  Analytical.  Actually has the capability to keep to himself for five minutes.  When I see this photo, though, I can pretend for a second that he’s like me…and that he fell asleep in mid-sentence for all his constant talking at people.

What was I saying?

The detail you might miss (if you weren’t looking closely) is the clasped hands.  Was he begging someone to restart his Disney film?  Pleading with his brother to stop beating him over the head with a plastic shovel? Appealing to God to bring him a Red Ryder BB Gun (carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time, in case you were wondering)…he DOES have a certain Christmas Hummel air about him.

Or perhaps he is just dreaming of a very large piece of chocolate cake.

Whatever the case, it’s a sweet little slumber.

Guest Napper #23

8 Jul

This is one of those scenes where you really only need a single photo.

Hey, work week...take this!

And what could be better to post on a Friday, when the tedious days of the week are…er…behind us?  At an early age, Blake already has some good ideas.  One of them is figuring out how to take a nap just about anywhere.

The best detail, furnished by his mom, Jennifer, is that this isn’t even his bed.  It belongs to his brother.

Party on, little dude.  Most triumphant.  Happy Friday to all!

Double Take

6 Jul

I know what you’re thinking.  She’s lost her edge, that nap lady.  I could produce a nap like this!


Oh, so WHAT??!

It’s true.  Every toddler falls asleep on the couch.  Who cares?  Ah!  But look more closely!

There's another one!

Two babies!

Oh yeah. The floor nap is ON.

…plus poor old Blue Puppy.  If you can find him.

Snooze on, people.  Snooze on.

Guest Napper #22

1 Jul

I always like to kick off a holiday weekend in a way that makes me feel like a college student again – and this guest napper has that certain something about him that reminds me of better times.

His mom, Kathy,  is an author in her own right, so I prefer to just paste what she wrote me for your enjoyment.  As I sign off for a relaxing weekend, I wish you many naps…whether in the car or at home!


My son was the worst to get down for naps when he was young. He’d always go kicking and screaming. The day this picture was taken was no different than any other day. Finish lunch, take him by the hand and lead him down the hallway to his bedroom. With each step closer we took, the more resistance I could feel as his little hand would begin to pull. “I don’t want to take a nap” and “You can’t make me” were two of his favorite arguments. On this day he told me that he would stay up until his father got home and HE would let him stay up. I tucked him into his bed, gave him a kiss and closed the door behind me while listening to his rants and objections. I made it back to the kitchen and as I picked up his lunch plate, I heard his high-pitched scream, ‘You can’t make me’… and then silence. Seriously, in what I’m sure was less than twenty seconds from tucking him in, all crying, screaming and protesting had stopped. Dead silence. Our daily fight never ended that abruptly, so I went back to see what he was up to and found him in this position. As fast asleep as my grandfather during Sunday mass. I’m just not sure if he was on his way out of the bed, or back into it when he lost the argument.

Tantrums can be Risky Business

Happy Independence Day!  Party like rock stars.

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