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Guest Napper #32

31 Aug

As cheerful and relieved parents all over the country send their children back to school today, Naps Happen (as the official child slacker spokesblog) wants you to remember not to overschedule them.

Children need time to play…sleep.  Uh.  Play while sleeping.  Wait.  That wasn’t what I was going for here!

Overscheduling. Tsk Tsk.

In fact, Suzanne submitted this picture of her son Asher, with the suggestion that, perhaps, he should skip school and go straight to work for the Department of Transportation.

The pioneers and the Victorians had it right.  Put those kids to work!

Now off to the bus with the lot of you!  If it will pick you up, that is.


Guest Napper #31 – Sweltering Snooze

29 Aug

As so many of my friends on the eastern seaboard face the day without power, I am reminded of this great guest napper shot.  Anjie tells me they didn’t have any A/C on this obviously hot day, and the entire family took a nap to escape the afternoon scorcher.

Apparently, Miranda’s choice of location was worthy of a photo.  I feel sweaty just looking at her on that prickly carpet!

Note that her age which, at four, is greater than some of our previous stair nappers, allowed her the wisdom to sleep at the bottom of the stairs.  Less risk of jerking in your sleep and taking a tumble!

Here’s hoping all my friends who are in stuffy darkness today can take a comfier nap in bed!

(shut)Eye on Irene

26 Aug

Here at Naps Happen, we’re paragons of preparedness.

Still picking up from the earthquake, though.

As a side note, Gen X’ers: Yes, yes, that IS the apothecary table from Pottery Barn. Bow down to our nineties infamy.

Anyway, as I was saying, we are like SO ready for Irene.  William has been working hard.  He doesn’t want to be caught out like he was during the earthquake the other day.

Um. He WAS working really hard.

I’ve been focusing on buying up D batteries and filling the bathtub.  But William has taken it upon himself to get the watering can at the ready.  To…bale water?

It could bale. It COULD.

In fact, he has suggested that, perhaps, we should all rest up before Irene arrives.  Cormac (ever the grasshopper to William’s ant) agrees wholeheartedly.

Storing Up Strength

William even covered the grill for us.

What helpful boys we have.  Batten down the hatches and stay safe, friends!

Extra credit if you can see the ghost in the apothecary table.

Seismic Sleep

24 Aug

Naps Happen is back up and running after yesterday’s terrible quake.  I’m sure you have all been on the edge of your seats, wondering if we folks near the epicenter are doing okay.  Thanks for your concerned tweets!

We’re digging out here.

William ran for the doorframe, but he collapsed from exhaustion in the entryway (too much exertion) and was promptly buried in a pile of blankets and couch cushions.

ClOSE to the doorframe. Not in it.

Across the house, Cormac fell victim to the collapsing contents of our basket of unfiled bills and coupons.  He was, however, pretty unfazed.  Mom used to live in California, so he had some kind of…shake-proof genes.  He is undisturbed by this minor tremor.  Wish we could say as much for the National Cathedral!

An avalanche of bills.

Having survived this natural disaster, I am pondering what could have caused such an unusual event here on the normally stable (?) east coast.  William seems to have been studying up on this already.

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Global Warming?

I wish I could provide more insights on the matter, but we’re all just waking up here, and we’re a bit discombobulated.

Text "Naps" to 12345 to help rebuild the cushion fort...

In the meantime, I am thinking about having a better  some kind of evacuation plan when the big one hits.  Perhaps we should start by being awake?

Stay safe out there, East Coasters!  Be alert.


22 Aug

As this summer (one big preschooler party) comes to an end, I am reminded that we are all dangerously under the influence of August.

You know…too much partying swimming can leave you with poor judgment. You might keep wanting to hang out with August even though it really doesn’t possess many actual charms.

Cormac fell asleep with his kool-aid goggles on.  I’m sure, wearing them, he was oblivious to the bad things about summer.  Scorching heat.  Insect repellent. Having your popsicle melt before you can eat it. Yeah – through those infamous GOGGLES, everything looked pretty sweet.  He was hittin’ the kool-aid hard.

Nap Goggles?

But when he wakes up and takes those goggles off, he’s going to feel pretty silly about liking summer so much.  You know.  Most of us have been there.  And he’ll trudge up the stairs wearing the same clothes he had on before the nap, and feel the overwhelming urge to stuff his face with grilled cheese.

Friends Don't Let Friends Nap With Goggles

Live and learn, little man.  Take off the goggles while there’s still time.


To visit just one of the many past examples of too much partying at Naps Happen, click.

Guest Napper #30

19 Aug

I’m a little biased toward wee Guest Napper #30, because he clearly shares my love of cooking.

Currently, I am working my way through Julia Child’s inspiring memoir My Life in France.  Reading it has made me admire her even more than before, because it shows how she never wasted time thinking about how thin she was or how pretty she was.  She only criticized herself for not knowing her own mind or not being “well-informed.”

Earlier this year, I read The Gastronomical Me by the impossibly fabulous MFK Fisher.  Her love of food and wine is matched only by her fearlessness.  Considering the time in which she lived, she was a real social trailblazer.  I don’t know if I would have had the courage to live life as she did.  And the meals she had?  Fuggedaboudit!  So drool-worthy.

And then my reader Penny sends me this adorable picture of future chef Chandler.  How can I not make it a TGIF post?

Good Food Makes You Sleepy

According to Penny’s story, the littlest chef was playing with his toy kitchen and just disappeared to catch a little catnap.  I guess cooking like Julia or MFK Fisher requires building up stamina.  Chandler is well on his way!

Wishing you all a weekend of good…no GREAT…food prepared with love and care.  And then a little nap.

Single-Handed Sleep

17 Aug

We’ve had so many stair naps here at Naps Happen that we’re in danger of becoming positively ho hum.  I can’t deny, though, that Cormac has added a few elements to this one an over-achiever.

Ever the daredevil, he has taken the stair nap to a new level by endangering his center of gravity.  Like a hapless man in a 1950’s comedy, stranded in a double bed with a modest female friend, he has one hand solidly on the floor.

You'd better keep one hand on the floor, Mister!

But this doesn’t keep him from also kicking up his heels.  Between that and the ball props to his right, I’d say he almost makes it into the yoga/pilates category of Napdom.

Might want to take the shoes off, though.



We’ll have to take steps to get these guys into their beds more often.





Guest Napper #29

15 Aug

This nap is so infinitely likable.

Whether you are a fan of man and baby’s best friend (check!) or a fan of eco-friendly diapering (check!) or you just really like orange…well…it’s Monday and I will not disappoint.

Ever wake and feel something weighing on you?

Thanks so much to Jeanie for sending this adorable guest nap and for keeping roughly two tons of diapers out of the landfill with her self-proclaimed gDiaper obsession.  Her wee one has a kindred spirit in William.

Happy Monday and sweet dreams to baby and beast.

Ding, Dong, the Deck’s a Bed

11 Aug

Contrary to what this photo would suggest, I do not encourage my children to sunbathe.  I also do not lock them on the deck in their pajamas and force them to take outdoor naps.  Behind giant flowerpots.

Like a sauna?

It seems that, following in his brother’s footsteps, Cormac couldn’t resist the siren song of the sauna-like boards of the deck.


Open your eyes and get out of bed, people.  Naps Happen al fresco.


Guest Napper #28

4 Aug

Sleeping and eating have always been a popular pair here at Naps Happen.  However, Jennifer has reached a new level of showmanship in the category of mealtime snoozes.

In case you’re thinking “Oh, boring…a video of some kid sleeping at the table,” you are in for a great surprise.

Kyle is not just sleeping.  He is still eating.

Sorry for the pun, but you are in for a treat.

Jennifer tweets as @kikiandkyle if you’d like to follow her.

Society of Snoozers (SHHHH!)

2 Aug

Today’s nap is about getting comfortable, even when conditions are less than ideal.

As a disclaimer, I have not been forcing my children to do push-ups on their knuckles.

Nor have I been permitting them to learn signs for some kind of diabolical toddler gang.  Has Cormac formed some kind of unholy alliance with other random sleepers?  Has Naps Happen morphed into a secret sleeping society?

Wassup Nappies?

The Diaper Dudes.  They are communicating secretly.  Be alert.  Or, if you can’t be alert, at least be a light sleeper.


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