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Guest Napper #39

30 Sep

This picture Anne Marie sent me of her son John pretty much summarizes how I’m feeling as we drag our tuschies across the finish line to the weekend.


Overstimulated much?

Why do we all do this to ourselves?  Why do we put ourselves voluntarily on the unrelenting exersaucer of life?  Surrounded by so many buttons, devices, and strenuous activities that we can’t keep our eyes….open…any….zzzzzzz.


Guest Napper #38

29 Sep

I feel a little sorry for this poor starving baby, who is trying to eat her own toes.

Flexy McFlexerson

See – even the effort of reaching those delectable toes turned out to be too much for her.  She slipped into a deep sleep and mom Bree  found her here like this.

The zen of plump digits

Hungry or not, I think baby Helene has a future in yoga, if she so desires.  Those hip openers will be no problem.  Even her face is relaxed! We should all be so disciplined.

Rest peacefully, little yogi.

Dire Dreams

27 Sep

127 hours…of napping?

Cormac is lucky I found him like this.  He is old enough to know that when he plans hiking in the family room by himself, he should tell someone where he is going.  As you can see by this photo, he took a nasty spill trying to bridge the couch and the ottoman.

Does anyone know where he is?

Even his blankie couldn’t save him (although my toes are a dead giveaway that he will not need to amputate any limbs with his safety scissors in order to be rescued.)

Wait! Stop! I'm down here!

Poor baby.  See how his arm is feebly raised overhead, as if he collapsed from exhaustion after trying to summon help?

All's well that ends well.

I can tell you this much: he’ll be up and at ’em again in no time.

Guest Napper #37

26 Sep

Elizabeth’s daughter Pippa is clearly worn-out by the school year already.  Well, perhaps she doesn’t attend school…but she’s reading ahead.

A Page-turner.

The sad thing is, this is exactly why I (an English teacher!) have read about two books in the past year. I sit down with the book and a rare moment of silence and the next thing I know, I’m wiping drool and a bookmark imprint from my face.

Not to imply that Pippa is a drooler.

Perhaps an espresso before reading time, Elizabeth?  Now there’s an idea!

May you all get through your required reading this week.

Naps Happen’s First Birthday!

22 Sep

It’s hard to believe it was a whole year ago that Brenna from Suburban Snapshots viewed my extensive Facebook album and said to me, “How is this not a blog?”

Since then, I’ve been gratified by the huge number of people who have graciously stopped by my blog day after day to see pictures of people who are just asleep. You all share my sense of humor, apparently, and I feel very fortunate to have your company.  A special thanks to those of you who have contributed your own naps to the collection.  It wouldn’t be as interesting without you!  Please keep sending your pictures to me so that we can keep having a laugh a few times a week. Sadly, my little guys won’t be nappers forever.

I don’t have anything super witty to say today, but I thought I would share a couple of the original naps…the ones that started the craze.  Keep coming back to see us in the coming year!

First weird nap ever. Bunny is sympathetic.


Rustic nap.

Perhaps the most famous nap of all!

Toy coma

Naps strengthen your core...

Go forth and rest up! It’s looking like it’ll be a banner year for exhaustion…

Guest Napper #36

20 Sep

We all have secret dreams for our children’s futures. When it comes to toddler Trent, however, I’m suspicious he may already have ideas of his own!

Keep your friends close...

Thanks to Brandan for sharing this bit of mid-week cuteness. It doesn’t look very comfy, but it’s entertaining!

Guest Napper #35

19 Sep

You may have noticed that the posts have slowed down recently here at Naps Happen.  It’s not because we aren’t tired.  On the contrary, between being a human taxi, taking care of the homestead, and working part time at night…well…this mom is just plumb wore out.

I see, though, that I’m not the only person around here who could sleep standing up.

What? Huh? I missed the meeting?

Leigh sent me this picture of Madison, who is practicing early to be a supermom.  This may be me, in a few hours, holding up the preschool car line as I catch a few Z’s in the driver seat.

Is it only Monday?

Sporty Sleep

12 Sep

All the talk on Facebook yesterday was about football.  As a person raised in a sports-free household, I’m a little at a loss to decode all these all-caps shouts about this and that team and fumbling jumbling tacky helmet tomfoolery.  Keep in mind that my parents once gamely accepted an invitation to a Superbowl party and then drew open-mouthed stares by politely asking, upon arrival, who was playing.  Your understanding of the seriousness of this offense will be improved by hearing that we lived in Minnesota and the Vikings were one of those two teams.

But lest you think I am dooming my two sons to a lifetime of unAmerican anti-sports behavior, I submit exhibit A.

Stretching time.  He’s a flexy McFlexerson, isn’t he?  He’s, like, SO aware it’s time for sports.

Getting nimble

I mean, lots of people could get into this position (see – I know sports talk).  But could they sleep that way?

Cormac is ready to bring his A Game N Game (for Naps, of course).  He’s going to pay close attention to his coach couch and. er…disrupt the opposing furniture’s offense… and run the football in his dreams.  That’s all you need to know for one of these sports competitions, right?

Next stop, plenty of insults about apple pie.  You can always count on me.

Namaste, Nappers. Namaste.

8 Sep

Something is missing.  And it’s not the steam vac we’ll have to employ (once again) on this couch.

"Kitty" takes a nap

Where are the children?

Looks like William is applying himself, once again, to his yoga practice.  I see a block.  I see…uh…some kind of blankie prop.  And…is there a disc in yoga?  Methinks not.  This one is the upper level from our toddler cup rack.

But there’s more!

Wait! It's partner yoga!

Cormac is doing his own relaxation pose.  Isn’t that the BEST part of yoga, people?

Unauthorized snack prop

I’m not a yoga expert, but I don’t recall grilled cheese sandwiches being a sanctioned prop.  Send the karma cops.  My boys are breakin’ studio rules.

Peace out, people.  Peace out.

Mocking Mom

7 Sep

Before I had children, I just knew they’d have perfect manners.  Now I see the mockery they have made of my parenting dreams.  No food on the floor?


Pick up your toys?


No shoes on the couch?

Born in a barn, that one.

And then there’s his brother, who only sleeps on floors and ottomans…where your feet are SUPPOSED to go.

at least he's barefoot.

He’s just settling in here.  You can see he cracked an eye at me as I snapped the photo.  And he’s probably thinking…WINNING!  I flout your household rules once more!

Here’s to well-trained children.

Guest Napper #34

6 Sep

The smell of freshly-sharpened pencils.  The perky zziiiiip of the backpack.  The stimulating back-to-school shopping…is there anything not to love about September?

It's on the list. I swear!

Jennifer sent me this great photo of her intrepid little shopper and, while I was tempted to save it for Black Friday, I couldn’t wait.

Good thing Target has those bafflingly short seatbelts to hold him upright.  What is with those seatbelts, anyway?

Happy shopping and happy back-to-school to young and old!



Guest Napper #33 – S’more Snore

2 Sep

As we exhausted parents drag ourselves across the Labor Day finish line, let us not forget those special summer memories we’ve created for our children!  For example, is there a more wholesome family pursuit than a camping trip?

Sleeping Under the...Sun?

Avery’s family endeavored to teach her about the great outdoors this season, but it appears that they need to pump up the excitement level a little.  Perhaps introduce some snores s’mores?

Camping in Style

I think Oprah (did you see her camping trip to Yellowstone?) would appreciate Avery’s roughing-it style, though.  Why not be the pink of perfection, even as you commune with nature?  And why not share this special experience with your binky? A girl’s gotta have her stuff with her.

Conserving Energy

Don’t be fooled.  This one will be the last to stop telling ghost stories tonight around the campfire.

Goodbye to another sleepy summer!


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