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Wishful Thinking

31 Oct

This is a scene that I fear will not be taking place around 8pm tonight.

Wishful thinking, Mom

No, I don’t care overmuchly if my kids take a sandal to bed with them, but I am afraid that there will be no sleeping after the sugar rush that is due to take place in less than 12 hours.

Cormac is dressings as a contortionist.

Here, you can see that sleep overtook them so quickly that Cormac didn’t even have time to put his hand down. Or perhaps that’s another of his secret baby hand signs.

The Music Man

William, on the other end, appears to have been in the middle of composing his great opus when sleep overtook him.  Or perhaps he was accompanying Cormac while he tried out some Irish hand dancing?

Either way, this type of deep sleep will be but a dream for me later tonight. Cue up the candy bowl and hunker down for the long haul, folks.  Happy Halloween!


Guest Napper #44

24 Oct

Beth tells me that Fiona is the fourth of five girls, so I guess it’s understandable that she’d be looking for a little personal space at bedtime.

Head Over Heels for Bedtime

I have to question her choice of location, though, as the stairs seem pretty impersonal.  On the other hand, those stairs are probably right outside the bathroom.  If there were five girls in my house (instead of a pack of boys) I suspect I might camp out in front of the bathroom like it was 4am on Black Friday.

In any event, she had better not stand up too quickly.  HEAD RUSH.

For a walk down memory lane, check out my first stair nap, ever.


Snooze and Lose

20 Oct

Well folks, it’s my birthday.  You know in When Harry Met Sally when Sally wails “And I’m going to be forty….some daaayyyy!”  That day is now just one year away for me. Where did my life go? How did I become older than the oldest age of the main characters in When Harry Met Sally? 

This all makes me feel like taking a nap.

Luckily for me, I got the most fabulous nap photos while Dan and the boys were baking my cake. Like any good father, Dan gave the boys the icing bowl to scrape, and they fell upon it like wolf pups, wielding beaters and rubber spatulas. You’d think this type of activity and its inevitable sugar rush would keep your children UP. We like to be different here.

All sugared out.

I actually witnessed this in action, but the camera battery was dead and I missed making a video of Cormac’s arm slowly dropping the spatula to the ground.  This happened in a matter of seconds, while Dan’s back was turned. William, ever the opportunist, was unfazed.

Hm. Guess this means I get it all?

Having a twitching, snoozing toddler next to him only seemed to fuel his desire to consume the last traces of frosting from the bowl.

You snooze, you lose, buddy.

Cormac’s sleeping expression makes it seem almost as if he KNOWS he has lost his remaining share of the bowl.

Eh. There will be other cakes.

William exacts his pound of flesh frosting for past insults from his brother.

I think you missed a spot, William.

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Guest Napper #43

17 Oct

We always like a tandem nap, and this one has that little extra-special something. Judging by Nate and Jeremiah’s identical postures, I’d say there’s something genetic going on here. Could we be stumbling onto a (possibly worthless, but nonetheless interesting) scientific discovery at Naps Happen?

Nice to agree on napping style.

I’m no genius in the lab (and my friends from high school will attest to this, as I was nicknamed “Captain Careless” for spilling acid and also turning on the eyewash) but I predict that these two will also tend to stand in fig leaf position when posing for future family photos. Just wait.

In the meantime, their mom Jeni is just super lucky to have such snoozy boys. Beds? Who needs beds. We’ve got tandem naps!

Dreams of the Deck

14 Oct

I really thought this would never happen again.  William (our original napper!) is getting so big and hardly ever takes a strange nap (or any nap) anymore.  That’s why this one was such a sweet surprise.

Did he trip?

It does look like he was strolling across the threshold with his juice and just went splat.  That’s not really what happened, though.

I saw him go facedown on purpose and give his tell-tale bottom-waggle.  The settling cue.

We like a firm pillow.

Because nothing says “sweet dreams” like splintery deck boards.  Plus, he’d had a very hard morning at preschool, being the guy in charge of “attendance.”

Exhausted from a long shift.

I think there might have also been some Gene Kelly action, a la Singing in the Rain. Or was he auditioning to be the next Morton’s Salt model? I’m wondering…

Other clues to his lack of energy.

And then there’s the need to constantly defend oneself against the younger brother, who has recently cultivated a really good evil laugh.

Please send Scooby Snacks.

In the end, though, even Cormac wanted to be a cool kid.

Two down...but only for a minute.

For those of you who ask the inevitable question – William’s deck nap lasted for over an hour. Out cold in the cold. Well – not really. It was pretty warm out. I’m just kidding.

Take a last nap on your decks if you can. WINTER IS COMING!


Guest Napper #42

11 Oct

As I prepare to take Cormac to his toddler gym class this morning, this guest nap from Sam proved to be just the ticket.

Apparently, Waverly is having trouble adjusting to her toddler bed.  At least, that’s what Sam says. My take on the situation is that she is just really darn comfortable.  In the past, I’ve hazarded a guess at the future occupations of my guest nappers. My first thought here is “trick rider.” You know – like those people who hang upside down off of moving horses?

Half wheel - more good yoga

At very least, this accomplished relaxer knows how to put her feet up.  She’ll just have to beware of that head rush when she stands up.

You know – like we old people get every morning.



Guest Napper #41

5 Oct

If I don’t post this now, I’ll have to wait, as the grammatically challenged might say, a “whole ‘nother year.”

Oh, yeah.  You heard me.  This writing teacher is using her nap blog to finally start complaining about annoying grammar trends.  Tomorrow, I might choose a whole ‘nother one.

Anyway, if I don’t post this summery (not summer-LIKE, TV meteorologists…) floating nap soon, it will be too autumnal (not FALL-LIKE, TV meteorologists…) outside for us to truly appreciate it.  Instead, we’ll just say “Brrrrrrrr” and think that it’s way too wintry (Oh yea – it’s ON meteorologists.  WINTER-LIKE is goin’ down, too) to enjoy the peaceful scene it represents.

Grammar griping aside, just take a quiet moment and listen to the water lapping gently at the edges of this picture, as little Reid drifts off to dreamland.

Let's post this swimming nap before it's a MUTE POINT. (cough)

Thanks to Robert and Brittany for this picture. They promise they removed Reid from the water before he became tragically PRUNE-LIKE.

Go forth and please avoid begging any questions, folks.  I guarantee, you are using the expression wrong.

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