Guest Napper #43

17 Oct

We always like a tandem nap, and this one has that little extra-special something. Judging by Nate and Jeremiah’s identical postures, I’d say there’s something genetic going on here. Could we be stumbling onto a (possibly worthless, but nonetheless interesting) scientific discovery at Naps Happen?

Nice to agree on napping style.

I’m no genius in the lab (and my friends from high school will attest to this, as I was nicknamed “Captain Careless” for spilling acid and also turning on the eyewash) but I predict that these two will also tend to stand in fig leaf position when posing for future family photos. Just wait.

In the meantime, their mom Jeni is just super lucky to have such snoozy boys. Beds? Who needs beds. We’ve got tandem naps!


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