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Guest Napper #25 Redux – (un)Seasonal Swing

30 Nov

I don’t mean to go all crazy believing in SCIENCE or anything, but can anyone resist saying “global warming” this week?  Our weather on the east coast yesterday was more like early May than November. Put me in mind of those spring days when you are just so freakin’ glad to get those kids outside, drop them in a swing, and let them take a nap.

Wait. That’s not how it goes.

Not ready for the big swing.

Thanks to Raffaella and Konstantino for finally proving what all moms secretly lament: The park is more exhausting than it is FUN.

But, man, if I could nap in the swings, we’d go every day.

The cold has descended again, though, so we’ll have to put our park naps off! And now to don some outerwear and head out for the day…


Sleeping and Stuffing LIVE!

28 Nov

When I was typing the title of this blog, I accidentally put in “Sleeping and Stuffing LIVER!” which was probably some kind of Freudian slip related to images of foie gras…but you can’t blame me after this gluttonous holiday we’ve all just survived, can you?

Lorelei sent me this adorable video of determined little Aiden Ro, who doesn’t let a little exhaustion interrupt his feeding frenzy.  Watching it, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to this weekend, when I set the fifth round of appetizers (cheese…olives…DIP) on the coffee table and smiled at everyone as if I had no idea they were already disgusted with themselves.

“Save room for dessert!”  Aiden Ro isn’t leaving anything to chance. He has a feeling he might not be awake for dessert, yo.

Notice the dog hangs around for a little while, and then he just gets out of the way.

Speaking of which, you people stay out of my way today, as I make a beeline for the exercise machine and the salad spinner. Have to do penance for the next holiday stuffing.

Cuddly Cartnap (you heard me!)

25 Nov

It’s nothing special to pull off a catnap. But what about a cartnap? How about a tandem cartnap?

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Black Friday madness going on out there, and I think people just need to chill out.  Clearly, William and Cormac agree with me.  In fact, they see no reason not to catch up on some sleep while Mom drags them through the shopping.

With a little help from my friends...

For all the times I’ve had to hear “Mama! He’s pushing me!” this was a welcome moment of peace and quiet.  It’s nice to see brothers helping each other out once in a while, right?

To everyone already out there in the fray, and to those of you who are preparing to venture forth…you are CRAZY, PEOPLE!

Happy Post Turkey Day from Naps Happen.

Guest Napper #49 – Puppet Party

23 Nov

This week, I was talking with some friends about their sons’ obsessions with things like trains and firetrucks. When I asked one of these firemen-obsessed boys if he’d like to be a fireman when he grows up, he thoughtfully informed me, “I don’t know. I can be lots of things.” Serves me right for asking a patronizing question.

Well…mom Lacey may be facing the reality that little Evelyn is a born puppeteer. Apparently, she cannot be separated from her puppets even in sleep. As Lacey put it, this nap was an exceptional “Two Mooser.”

Furry Friends for Thanksgiving

I have to say, though, that Lacey may have brought this upon herself. I mean, I haven’t even bough my boys ONE moose puppet. That’s tempting fate, if you ask me.

May the day before Thanksgiving find you grateful for whatever passions your children may pursue. Even if they involve puppetry.

...and to all stuffed creatures a good night.

Cue the pie and make it sweet!

Breaking the Law

21 Nov

I guess, after all this time and all these naps, you’re just going to yawn when you see this and say, “Oh, Cormac is on the floor AGAIN.”  And, it’s true, naps on the floor are nothing new at my house.

Here we see your typical snore on the floor.

Mmmm. Comfy.

Knowing our middle school science, we look at this photo and assume he fell off the ottoman. After all, “what goes up must come down, right?” Lucky he didn’t conk himself on that high chair!  But wait…is that really how this story unfolded? I can tell you from the order in which I took the pictures that we defied gravity.

Snooze the First

Interesting spot he chose.

and he left his juice behind!

But then I left the room and returned a few minutes later…and this is what I saw.

Defying Gravity

Looks like he realized the ottoman was comfier and managed to haul himself back up there…mostly. I wonder how long he’ll stay? The lesson he has ahead of him: Obey gravity. It’s the law.

For now, he triumphs.

Sadly, we will see soon enough that, around here, a body at rest doesn’t stay at rest. Chaos will soon ensue.

Guest Napper #48

18 Nov

So I heard about this guy somewhere who has been camped out in front of Best Buy for days already, wanting to be first in line on Black Friday. Sort of like Occupy Big Box, I guess.

My friend Rachel caught her daughter Sarah in a nap that makes me think of him, although I suspect she is a far more sensible person…albeit a preschooler. Apparently, she is occupying Rachel’s family room, but it looks for all the world like she’s resting up to spring into Target on November 26th.

Gearing up for the big opening?

Note that Sarah is wise enough to hydrate, as well. That should give her the edge when she’s waiting in a huge line at the checkout for two hours.

Personally, I like William’s plan to buy everything online. He has been camped out under my desk so he can be first to the keyboard.

Whatever your method of shopping will be a week from today, may you meet with many bargains.


Guest Napper #47 – Conked Out Cobra

17 Nov

As Kurt Vonnegut  George Washington  The Great Pumpkin Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich famously said during a commencement speech over a decade ago,

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’98: Wear sunscreen. 

Breaking a long nap strike, Beta Dad’s “Twin A” (a.k.a. Cobra) has fallen asleep prepared for a lifetime of sun safety, as Mary Schmich counseled.

Her future's so bright...

Cobra has been giving Dad a run for his money lately, outsmarting every nap-inducing tool he had at his disposal. This time, however, she did herself a favor, unwittingly following Mary Schmich’s continuing advice:

…trust me, in 20 years, you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.

And Cobra is nothing if not truly Fab. Fabulously impudent in her nap tease, wherein she falls asleep near under the bed, instead of in it.

She does it with style. Even her dolls and stuffed animals seem wide-eyed with admiration. Something tells me she may not be taking a nap at all tomorrow. You know…just to assert herself.

I bet she’ll still be wearing her shades, though.

Slumbering Swimmingly – Best EVAH

11 Nov

I used to joke about Cormac being the junior varsity napper, compared to his brother. Nobody at Naps Happen is making jokes anymore. This kid is a serious contender.

Who knew the Nap-0-lympics were being held as an aquatics event this year?

What you are seeing, folks, is Cormac, who collapsed from exhaustion while playing Angry Birds at his brother’s swimming lesson.  I am sad that I did not get a picture of the entire day camp that was splashing, with ear-splitting screeches, just yards away.

I did, however, take this one from several angles.  “Pooped” at the pool, this one.  Not IN the pool, thankfully.

I mean, wouldn’t you?  The daycamp counselors and the lifeguards were incredulous. I took the phone out of his hands here, not wanting my Droid to take a dive.

A regular collapse by the kickboards.  Ba dum DUM.

We’ll make him swab the deck when he wakes up. Just resting his eyes for a minute…

Hope all your weekend sports activities are this restful. Happy Friday!

Guest Napper #46 – Patriotic Pallet?

8 Nov

When I posted my first-ever stair nap, people were pretty amazed.

Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder why.

There’s a devastating national secret, and it’s that kids are sleeping on the steps all over this fine country of ours. From stair to shining stair, the new generation is bucking traditional ideals about beds, for God’s sake.

Mom…beds are sooo 2005. I don’t know if Wyatt has convinced his mom, Megan, yet. Change takes time. Think outside the crib. Dream big. Also…put a pillow at the bottom of the stairs.

Daring to Dream

As so many of you head to the polls today, cast your vote in favor of sleep. Wherever ye may find it. It’s the American Way.

Guest Napper #45 – Snoozing Superhero

4 Nov

You know I couldn’t leave Halloween behind without a kid who had a sugar collapse.

Luckily, Jessica caught Saul doing exactly what I had wished my kids would do.  He just went facedown in a candy coma. I assure you that this is far preferable to the screaming fit that my youngest devolved to, before finally collapsing from exhaustion in his bed at 9:30pm.


Spidey Snooze

Oh yeah – my kids were climbing the walls – and they weren’t even dressed as the right characters.  Sadly, I did not get anything like a Sleeping Stormtrooper or a Dreaming Darth Vader. Napping was a concept left behind in a galaxy far…far…awayyyyyyy.

To those of you who lost your power and your water. To those of you who still shiver, unshowered. To those of you whose Halloween was scary in all the wrong ways, we at Naps Happen wish you a warm and clean weekend filled with the comforts of the modern world. May your power (or your superpowers) return.



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