Guest Napper #25 Redux – (un)Seasonal Swing

30 Nov

I don’t mean to go all crazy believing in SCIENCE or anything, but can anyone resist saying “global warming” this week?  Our weather on the east coast yesterday was more like early May than November. Put me in mind of those spring days when you are just so freakin’ glad to get those kids outside, drop them in a swing, and let them take a nap.

Wait. That’s not how it goes.

Not ready for the big swing.

Thanks to Raffaella and Konstantino for finally proving what all moms secretly lament: The park is more exhausting than it is FUN.

But, man, if I could nap in the swings, we’d go every day.

The cold has descended again, though, so we’ll have to put our park naps off! And now to don some outerwear and head out for the day…


One Response to “Guest Napper #25 Redux – (un)Seasonal Swing”

  1. Gretta December 13, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    That kid is PRECIOUS! I love taking the kids to the park because it’s exhausting. If I can get them to bed before ten it is the best day of my life! I can stay up and watch TV for at LEAST an extra half an hour. They should make adult baby swings though, with that memory foam stuff for cushioning. Woo, that would make my park experience go through the roof!

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