Guest Napper #44 Redux – Sweet on the Stairs

5 Dec

Some of you may remember Fiona, the amazing upside-down stair sleeper. Proving that she hasn’t given up on creative napping, she provided her mom, Beth, with another pretty awesome stair nap soon after her last guest appearance.  This one makes her a perfect friend for Cormac, who also favors this position.

At least she's at the bottom.

This time, it looks as if she got all dressed and ready to go, and then just couldn’t quite make it out the door without catching a catnap, first. And a stylish catnap it is! You go, girl.

Now that’s how you face Monday, folks. With cheerful pink attire and a good sleep on your side.


One Response to “Guest Napper #44 Redux – Sweet on the Stairs”

  1. Violetsouffle December 5, 2011 at 9:37 am #

    Ahahahhaha that is stinking adorable. You go girl is right!

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