Snoozeworthy Sofa Arm

20 Dec

Who out there has a sofa that really could stand to be replaced, but which is so comfortable that you can’t bring yourself to do it? This little loveseat has been an absolute champion. I bought it for my tiny studio apartment when I lived in Chelsea in Manhattan. It was really hard to find a sofa this small to replace the ornate green one a recently-adopted cat had peed all over. I mean buckets, folks. I put that thing on the curb on West 20th St. and even the people who stopped to pinch it got a whiff and ran away. This couch, however, turned out to be worth every penny and, over a decade later it is still incredibly comfortable.

At least, Cormac sure things so.


Two cities, two children, and countless large backsides later, this baby is still providing faithful seating to the entire household and legions of dubious guests.

Hardworking armrest.

Cormac even thinks it’s better than his bed. However, come to think of it, he thinks the pool deck and the hardwood floor and the back deck are better than his bed, so it’s not such a compliment.

May you all spend the holidays in your happiest places.


2 Responses to “Snoozeworthy Sofa Arm”


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