Guest Napper #88 – Footies for Friday

20 Apr

What parent doesn’t spend the latter half of Friday yearning for bedtime? I actually know one mom who likes to fold her kids’ pajamas in the afternoon and put them neatly in the bathroom, next to the toothbrushes. You know, just to be organized.

Anita sent me this picture of her niece, who seems to have needed no trouble hopping into those jammies and heading for bed. Only I don’t think she quite made it.

I'm so tired I could sleep standing up...

Apparently, this little girl (who shows excellent potential to pick up yoga) stayed like this much longer than expected. Like more than a few minutes. A true master of the standing sleep.

My advice to you all is to get those jammies on your tots and get them to bed. After all, who wants them standing around while you enjoy your Friday evening?

Happy upcoming weekend to all!


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