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Guest Nappers #95 and #96 – Tussling Twins

25 May

This photo Laura sent of ADORABLE twins Connor and Nora is perfect for today.

Just like the back seat battle.

It beautifully exemplifies the fate of millions of siblings as they crawl into the backs of their parents cars and prepare for a verrrry long drive. When I was a kid, we traipsed all over Northern Europe and the U.S. in the back of our 1979 VW Rabbit. My brother and I even used to flip a coin to decide who was going to get the slightly roomier spot behind my mother.

Because, you know, you take what you can get when the car is that small.

Sometimes James and I would be slumped in our respective corners, listening to our walkmans (walkMEN?) and doing Mad Libs. Most other times, however, one of us was taking an elbow to the temple and screaming “(S)he’s ON MY SIIIIIIDE!” My folks reminisce that, once, they said “Let’s just let them go at it and see when they stop,” but they had to bail on this plan because we were heading for certain physical injury.

Ahhhh…good times.

As you all head out on your trips, envision this peaceful photo of sibling harmony and do some chanting. Ommmmmm.

Thanks to Laura and may you all arrive at your destination safe and without a black eye from your sibling!


Guest Napper #94 – Cuddly Companion

23 May

There’s a lot of buzz out there right now on Facebook and Twitter, with moms discussing the imminent end of school and the looming summer break.

(insert nervously hysterical cackle)

You folks have LOTS of togetherness ahead. We all do.  But it looks like Rose may have a little more togetherness ahead than some of us.

Experiencing lower back pain upon waking?

Okay, come on. It’s adorable!

If only all summer moments could be this peaceful. Stay strong, parents…


Guest Nappers #92 and #93: Dreaming While Delayed

21 May

Memorial Day is almost here. Are you gearing up for a delightfully relaxing family vacation?

(insert evil laugh)

Amanda sent me these pics of her kids asleep in the most comfortable and hygienic of places, all thanks to family travel.

Likes a firm pillow.

I especially like how this one seems to be praying for the imminent end to this vacation.

Now I lay me down to sleep…

Now I sit me down to wait

I fear I’ll never leave this gate

If this plane more delayed shall be

I pray you all should pity me

Um…over and out.

Nearly the unofficial start of summer travel, folks! Stock up on the juice boxes and the DVDs…

Guest Napper #91- Kamikaze Cushion

11 May

Shop ’til you drop just took on a whole new dimension. And why not? It’s Friday, after all.

Future Olympic sport?

Cori Anne sent me this awesome picture of her son, who has scored just about the most comfortable cart a store can offer. When I saw it, the super dork in me thought how much Cori Anne reminds me of Joss Whedon’s version of Buffy – improvising handsomely with any tool at hand.

This kid is slaying me, really.

Happy Friday, folks. Try to stay upright in your carts.

Disclaimer: An adult was present at all times with this snoozing child and no nappers were harmed in any way during the execution of this cart nap, which the judges have given a 91 out of 100 possible points. 


Behind Bars

4 May

Friday is such a special time of the week, right? You’re dragging your sorry backside across the finish line, but it feels good.

Cormac didn’t make it, though.

Behind baby bars.

I came back from my workout to find that Cormac had decided to have an early nap on the floor of the childcare room at the gym.

Underneath the crib.

Thank goodness the wonderful woman there is a friend of mine. She took some GREAT photos! Thanks, Dianna!

Rockin’ the Jailhouse

He didn’t even take his coat off before crawling under here to zonk out. But, hey, any mom knows that when you get a chance to take a nap, you go to sleep almost with panicked speed. Why shouldn’t kids do the same? I think I’d sleep in my coat, too, if I knew I could squeeze in some shut eye.

In the words of the immortal Elvis, You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see

Happy Friday, sleepyheads! Wishing naps to everybody in the whole cell block.

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