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We have moved!

13 Jun

After redirecting this site to our permanenet self-hosted location at for two years, we will no longer be paying for a redirect because hardly anyone comes here anymore! If you’ve been directed here by someone’s blog button, just go visit us at the new location.

One of the things we couldn’t do was move all our subscribers with us. You will no longer receive updates when I publish a new post if you don’t come over to the new site and resubscribe. I’m sorry to cause you hassle, but I hope you will come over and see us again. We’ll miss you, otherwise!

Love, Team Naps Happen


Guest Napper #97 – Dozing Daddies

8 Jun

Valerie sent me this adorable picture of her wee one sharing a snooze with her Daddy, and I knew it was just the right picture with which to send you off (EDIT: ONE WEEK EARLY – I HAVE LOST MY MIND FOR GOOD! OH WELL – WHY NOT CELEBRATE FOR A WEEK?)  for the Father’s Day weekend.

So angelic when they’re napping. Both of them.

It reminded me of this picture of my own Dad having a nap with me – I think this is late 1972 and it was taken while he had a position teaching at the Air Force Academy. Being a teacher, I understand this type of end-of-day exhaustion!

Love a dad in uniform!

Happy Father’s Day (IN ONE WEEK) to all the great dads out there and may you get to sleep in on Sunday. Or maybe have a nap.

Love, Naps Happen

Guest Nappers #95 and #96 – Tussling Twins

25 May

This photo Laura sent of ADORABLE twins Connor and Nora is perfect for today.

Just like the back seat battle.

It beautifully exemplifies the fate of millions of siblings as they crawl into the backs of their parents cars and prepare for a verrrry long drive. When I was a kid, we traipsed all over Northern Europe and the U.S. in the back of our 1979 VW Rabbit. My brother and I even used to flip a coin to decide who was going to get the slightly roomier spot behind my mother.

Because, you know, you take what you can get when the car is that small.

Sometimes James and I would be slumped in our respective corners, listening to our walkmans (walkMEN?) and doing Mad Libs. Most other times, however, one of us was taking an elbow to the temple and screaming “(S)he’s ON MY SIIIIIIDE!” My folks reminisce that, once, they said “Let’s just let them go at it and see when they stop,” but they had to bail on this plan because we were heading for certain physical injury.

Ahhhh…good times.

As you all head out on your trips, envision this peaceful photo of sibling harmony and do some chanting. Ommmmmm.

Thanks to Laura and may you all arrive at your destination safe and without a black eye from your sibling!

Guest Napper #91- Kamikaze Cushion

11 May

Shop ’til you drop just took on a whole new dimension. And why not? It’s Friday, after all.

Future Olympic sport?

Cori Anne sent me this awesome picture of her son, who has scored just about the most comfortable cart a store can offer. When I saw it, the super dork in me thought how much Cori Anne reminds me of Joss Whedon’s version of Buffy – improvising handsomely with any tool at hand.

This kid is slaying me, really.

Happy Friday, folks. Try to stay upright in your carts.

Disclaimer: An adult was present at all times with this snoozing child and no nappers were harmed in any way during the execution of this cart nap, which the judges have given a 91 out of 100 possible points. 


Guest Napper #88 – Footies for Friday

20 Apr

What parent doesn’t spend the latter half of Friday yearning for bedtime? I actually know one mom who likes to fold her kids’ pajamas in the afternoon and put them neatly in the bathroom, next to the toothbrushes. You know, just to be organized.

Anita sent me this picture of her niece, who seems to have needed no trouble hopping into those jammies and heading for bed. Only I don’t think she quite made it.

I'm so tired I could sleep standing up...

Apparently, this little girl (who shows excellent potential to pick up yoga) stayed like this much longer than expected. Like more than a few minutes. A true master of the standing sleep.

My advice to you all is to get those jammies on your tots and get them to bed. After all, who wants them standing around while you enjoy your Friday evening?

Happy upcoming weekend to all!

Guest Napper #85 – Weary Wednesday

11 Apr

By Wednesday, the week is just too much sometimes. Erika sent me this picture of Tristan, which pretty much represents how I feel by 5 p.m. on hump day.

My bed is too soft.

Mind you, I’ve wanted to hide under my desk more often. I mean, I don’t have a drawer under my bed. I have an underbed storage box, though.

Snug in there?

Just keep swimming, little man. Just keep swimming.

We all will.

Guest Napper #84 – Going to the Dogs

9 Apr

I laughed out loud (no, REALLY, like a Gen X’er – for real) when Michael sent me this picture of his son, who fell asleep at the table while his Dad was fetching him a clean shirt.

May the odds be ever in your favor, hounds.

It’s a good thing these dogs are friendly, because I think they are really anxious to lick up the rest of the mess the little guy made when he spilled on his shirt…and then collapsed from exhaustion. In fact, his Dad tells me that, unseen by the camera, his son is holding an uneaten sandwich in his hand under the table.


Come to think of it, I almost ended up looking like this after Easter dinner. Everyone is grateful I kept my clothes on, though.

Just keep it together and get through Monday, people.


Guest Napper #83 – Feet for Friday

6 Apr

Lots of people participate in Wordless Wednesday. Since we like to be different around here, I’m going to plaster this picture of Solomon up and have Wordless Friday.

I agree. Not as catchy. I’ll have to work on that. And now I’m no longer wordless.

Inversions are good yoga.

But, seriously, what is there to say? This picture is worth a thousand snores. Happy Fantastic Friday, then!

That is all.

Guest Napper #72 – Box and Bottle

8 Mar

Abby sent me this picture of Zoey, and there’s so much going on here that I don’t know what to highlight.

Basically, this little girl crashed out in a box, with her blankie on her head, while drinking a bottle. No, really, take a look.

There's a Seuss book in here somewhere...

I have to say, she might have been better served saving this awesome material for college.

I especially like the detail of her sister in the background, ready to do a bedtime cheer of some sort. I mean, a girl deserves accolades for hitting her nap this hard.


That’s the way we wanna be!

Go Naps…go Go GO NAPS!

Yeah yeah yeah!

Oh, come on. This nap deserves an extra “P” and you know it.

Guest Napper #70 – ZZZ-fense!

1 Mar

My husband hails from the Boston area and the ONLY sport he cares about is football. I can tell you that there was a black cloud over our house after the Superbowl this year.

Shhhhh! Do not speak of it! Also, please take care not to wake Dillon, who is already dreaming of football glory for next year…

Tim ZZZZZbow?

I used to sleep in those pink foam curlers sometimes when I was little, and those were not comfy. Dillon shows some world-class snoozing capabilities. This cannot feel soft. Foam curlers would be dreamy compared to this.

He must understand that suffering is necessary for greatness. But, of course, suffering doesn’t have to mean sleep deprivation, people. I tell my kids that EVERY DAY.

Apparently, when it comes to naps, the best offense is a good Z-fense.

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Guest Nappers #58 and 59: Simon Says “Sleep!”

16 Jan

Any parent with two children places great value on the much-sought-after tandem nap. Look – if you have two kids, you just want them asleep at the same time. Personally, I’ve been grateful for my kids to sleep simultaneously in any position, in any place in the house (or sometimes not even in my house). I don’t give a rat’s patootie if they’re matching or anything.

Amanda has trumped me.

Simon says...

Although years apart in age, Amanda reports that her boys mirrored each other’s positions throughout this entire nap. Sadly, there is no video to prove her assertion. However, seeing as how she’s all writerly and that she publishes cool articles on Circle of Moms and stuff…I’m going to trust her on this one.

I’m going to get my kids to zonk out  in coordinated outfits just to top her next time.

Simon says…sleep for a very long time today, kids.

Naps Happen’s First Birthday!

22 Sep

It’s hard to believe it was a whole year ago that Brenna from Suburban Snapshots viewed my extensive Facebook album and said to me, “How is this not a blog?”

Since then, I’ve been gratified by the huge number of people who have graciously stopped by my blog day after day to see pictures of people who are just asleep. You all share my sense of humor, apparently, and I feel very fortunate to have your company.  A special thanks to those of you who have contributed your own naps to the collection.  It wouldn’t be as interesting without you!  Please keep sending your pictures to me so that we can keep having a laugh a few times a week. Sadly, my little guys won’t be nappers forever.

I don’t have anything super witty to say today, but I thought I would share a couple of the original naps…the ones that started the craze.  Keep coming back to see us in the coming year!

First weird nap ever. Bunny is sympathetic.


Rustic nap.

Perhaps the most famous nap of all!

Toy coma

Naps strengthen your core...

Go forth and rest up! It’s looking like it’ll be a banner year for exhaustion…

Guest Napper #36

20 Sep

We all have secret dreams for our children’s futures. When it comes to toddler Trent, however, I’m suspicious he may already have ideas of his own!

Keep your friends close...

Thanks to Brandan for sharing this bit of mid-week cuteness. It doesn’t look very comfy, but it’s entertaining!

Napping Network

20 Jun

Happy Monday!

Today’s excellent nap is found via a link to a post by Convertible Girl, whose daughter is following in William and Cormac’s footsteps as a totally awesome stair napper.

Extra props to her for incorporating the word “soporific” in honor of Beatrix Potter.



Yawning Yoga

18 Apr

There’s something composed about this nap that really takes me back to the first time William tried Pilates.  I have to say, though, that sleeping unmercifully on top of your best friend is probably not in the spirit of one’s practice.

As a longtime fan of yoga, however, I have to appreciate the pose he has achieved, wherein his one leg balances effortlessly as he sleeps.  Or is he about to do some toning exercises?

Yogi at Work?

Also less-than-peaceful is the wider shot, where you can see that he is about to have a basket (albeit a basket of blissful nothingness) come tumbling down upon his relaxation pose.

Demonstration of Balance?

Aerial Assessment

William may last a long time in this peaceful pose, but I think Blue Puppy may make a break for it.

Guest Napper #14 – Baby Bandit

31 Mar

My friend Katrina sent me this “Katnap” (snicker…come ON…could you resist?) her sleepy little Sienna took in the car getaway vehicle.

Stick 'em up. Yawn.

She’s strapped in for some wild driving and is obviously keen on hiding her identity.

But a girl’s gotta be glam, don’tcha know.  A life of crime is no reason to let yourself go.  I really like her attention to fashion here, what with the pink fake fur coat and the matching ski mask.

I am  a little concerned about her low level of alertness, however.  It doesn’t seem like she’s going to get that car started very quickly…????

What’s Your Favorite Nap?

30 Mar

Thanks to all of you wonderful people, I’m soon to be featured by Circle of Moms for being a Top 25 Funny Mom blogger!

As part of this little feature, they want me to tell them what my three favorite posts are.  Um…THREE?  I have 119 posts here!  If you have a favorite nap, please weigh in by going to that nap, clicking into it, and hitting “Like” right above the comments.  It will help me figure out what people should see if they’re visiting my blog for the first time.

Don’t forget about the naps way back at the beginning!  You can see all the archives to the right here in the margin.


We interrupt these regularly scheduled naps…

19 Oct

So I logged on this morning and noticed an unusual amount of traffic on Naps Happen. I knew something was up.


I won WHAT????


It turns out that my fellow blogger Brenna over at Suburban Snapshots deemed me worthy of the Versatile Blogger Award.  I feel undeserving of this prize, since it is William and his napping style that are really versatile – not me.  But I had so much fun following the links to see who gave it to Brenna, and then who gave it to Ninja Mom, who was the one who gave it to Brenna, and so on and so forth.  I became determined not to drop the ball.

So I apologize if you have come here expecting a good toddler nap and, instead, found a very awake, caffeinated, exhausted Mom (desperately in need of a refill on her imitrex).  But I have to fulfill the obligations of the Versatile Blogger Award and do what small thing I can to keep it going.

There are two basic rules – you have to pay this award forward to as many as 15 other bloggers, and you have to share 7 as-yet undisclosed details about yourself.  I can’t tag 15 bloggers because I’m a newbie.  But I can tell you 7 things about myself (that’s the rule) that some of you may not know.  At least if you haven’t already been trapped on Facebook with me for four years.

Seven Strange Details About William’s Mom

1. I fell down a manhole in Omaha, NE at age 11.  One leg stayed out, so I escaped serious injury – but you people should think twice about stepping on manholes.

2. I spent a good part of my twenties singing pop rock a cappella semi-professionally in New York City.  Don’t laugh yet, because you’ll miss the fact that this makes it very easy to find pictures of me wearing  silver sequined pants (now you can laugh).

3. As a child, I maintained a rotation chart for my stuffed animals to ensure that they had an equal chance to sleep with me.  I emphasize that this early behavior indicated that I was Type-A and not something seedier.

4. I once had a letter published in Glamour magazine – it was about how I accidentally ate my boss’s sandwich on my first day working at the Pentagon.  This was a true story. (Brenna is much cooler with her letter to Rolling Stone)

5.  I had to drop out of lifeguard training as a teen because I couldn’t (and cannot) open  my eyes under water.  This inability is probably what caused me to hit my head on the bottom of the pool at age 8 and scrape the hair off the top of my head.

6. I am actually a very light sleeper.  William gets his napping genes from his father.

7. I was once one of the automated voices that said people’s names on the Bloomberg voicemail.

And now to share some of that love that Brenna shared with me.  I bestow the Versatile Blogger Award on these other parenting-related blogs:

1. The Economics of Soup

2. Let Me Start By Saying (even though Brenna tagged her first)

and because wine is also deeply parenting-related, I’m giving it, enthusiastically, to this guy:

3. Wineguider

I’m too new at this to be able to share more, but I love these blogs and hope my FB crowd will, too.  I have been privileged to see so many new visitors here today!

And I promise to post a new nap tomorrow, for those of you who are just here to get some sleep, already.


Guest Napper #1

24 Sep

From what I gather, this innocent-looking dog despised children prior to having to live with one.  As seen here, the dog is now cozying up…plotting?  Scheming?

Keep your friends close and your enemies...closer

Thanks to Brenna from for this one!

In the beginning, there was a random nap…

22 Sep

It all started with the ottoman.

Bunny is sympathetic

William had started exhibiting a reluctance to take his nap in his bed, so I was letting him run himself to exhaustion.  On this particular day, the exhaustion appears to have caught up with him while he was only half done with the task of climbing onto the ottoman.

Bunny was tired, too.

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