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Guest Napper #36

20 Sep

We all have secret dreams for our children’s futures. When it comes to toddler Trent, however, I’m suspicious he may already have ideas of his own!

Keep your friends close...

Thanks to Brandan for sharing this bit of mid-week cuteness. It doesn’t look very comfy, but it’s entertaining!


No La-Z-Boys Here

23 Feb

I’ve had the debate with friends about whether or not it’s a person’s God-given right to recline his seat all the way on an airplane.  Cormac is here to show you people that it’s perfectly possible to sleep sitting up, regardless of whether or not your seat reclines.  As you can see, he’s even using his tray table.

Highchair does not recline

I must say, though, the kid could probably use a good neck pillow right now. Also, he shows early signs of being one of those armrest hogs.  Sorry ladies.


You’ll Have To Trust Me…

21 Dec

This is not just some funny game of peek-a-boo.  The boy is actually asleep.

I swear he's asleep

One thing that has occurred to me is that he will do great on airplanes.  Better on the airplanes of the future I saw in a newspaper article, which don’t recline and have a pommel seat to save space.  Our little cowboy could do circus tricks on horses with this type of balance.  I like the puppies peeking dubiously from behind his back.  It’s like they’re saying “How long can he stay like this…really?”

He did eventually tumble over.

Back to our usual programming...

However, this did not interrupt his nap.  You people should learn from his dogged determination.  Don’t let inconvenient seating or doubtful puppies ruin your snooze.  Or…something like that.

Happy Holidays (yawn).


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