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Dozing Danseur

8 Mar

I’ve posted naps in the past that I characterized as “balletic” but this one takes the cake.

Recruit for the Russian Ballet?

Indeed…JUMP my little Baryshnikov!  JUMP!

Think of the sheer strength required to lift that Goofy.  I am agog.


O True Apothecary!

23 Sep

Dramatic flair

Of all the naps I’ve captured, this one had to be the most graceful…the most balletic.  It’s like he and Blue Puppy are part of a Shakespearean tragedy.

Put this in any sippy cup you will,
And drink it off; and, if you had the strength
Of twenty puppies, it would dispatch you straight.

Don’t worry.  He woke up later and had some cheerios.

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