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Put Your Feet Up

23 May

Cormac is just taunting me, here.  Okay – this is not his bed.  But it’s like he said “You have failed as a parent.  As other toddlers nap in their beds the world over, this afternoon, I will lie here.”

End of Yoga Practice - Inversions

And he’s feeling pretty serene about it. Note the tranquil expression on his face. If only his legs were a little higher, I’d say he was doing his inversion at the end of yoga class. With shoes.

I especially like the synchronized napping he’s got going on with bunny, in the background.  Right leg UP…nowwww NAP!

May you experience a peaceful beginning to your pre-holiday week.  Go for the full shoulder stand.


Teenage Dream

11 Nov

I see the future.

Weekday morning.  7 a.m.  William will STILL not be out of bed and he will be nearly late for school.  I will open the door and say “WILLIAM!  You are GOING to be LATE!” and he will cover his head with his pillow just like this and say “WHATEVER, MOM!”

Five more minutes!

Bunny refuses to take sides.


The Tedium of Sisyphus and Joshua

8 Nov

Not quite IN the bed...

This shot represents a day when I felt we were making progress, because William conked out near his bed.  I can’t figure out how this arrangement happened, exactly.

From the looks of it, I’d say he was reading Once Upon a Potty and working on his phonics with the alphabet apple.  But the utter boredom of reading, again, about “I, Joshua’s mother, have always changed him, keep changing him, and will never STOP CHANGING HIM AND WILL BE DOING IT IN PERPETUITY!!!!” must have slain his wakefulness and caused him to seek refuge from the tedious Joshua, his repetitive mother, his potty-gifting grandmother, and the aforementioned potty-that-looks-like-a-chamber pot.  Only sleep could save him.  Heck – only sleep saves me.

Meanwhile, seeing William engrossed by Joshua’s tiresome potty story, Bunny tried to scale the bedrail and make a break for the promised land…only to slip off the bed again and fall cruelly back like Sisyphus — on top of his boy and the floor.

Keep pushing that rock uphill, Bunny.  Someday, you will get there.

Like Banging Your Head Against…

3 Nov

The wall.

Ever woken up with a headache and wondered if you slept funny?

My aching head...

I had a cat once who would purposely snuggle her forehead up against the wall and go to sleep.  I thought it was weird.

One day I watched William as he showed the quickly-evolving signs of the nap coming on.  He gathered his beleaguered buddies, shoved puppy under his pelvis, rested his head on bunny’s head and …scooted himself up against the wall??? Whaaaat?

And there he rested peacefully for the full length of the nap.  How peaceful puppy was is unknown.

I’m at a loss.

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy…

24 Sep

Perhaps we should get a hammock?

Since today is another record-breaking ninety degree day (WTF Fall?) it seemed only appropriate to pull out a picture of  another summery nap of old.  It wasn’t this hot that day, thankfully, but William is showing a propensity to enjoy a good sauna, as is evidenced by this cleansing nap on the wood planks.

Disclaimer: No bunnies or children were slathered with baby oil or in any way burned or toasted during the production of this picture.

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