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Guest Napper #37

26 Sep

Elizabeth’s daughter Pippa is clearly worn-out by the school year already.  Well, perhaps she doesn’t attend school…but she’s reading ahead.

A Page-turner.

The sad thing is, this is exactly why I (an English teacher!) have read about two books in the past year. I sit down with the book and a rare moment of silence and the next thing I know, I’m wiping drool and a bookmark imprint from my face.

Not to imply that Pippa is a drooler.

Perhaps an espresso before reading time, Elizabeth?  Now there’s an idea!

May you all get through your required reading this week.


Pillow Prop

7 Feb

After so many snow days, it’s a wonder if everyone’s house doesn’t look like this.  I guess it’s not so unusual to find William sleeping (by choice) on the floor of our sort-of-chilly basement, surrounded by pillows.

"I was pondering why I prefer the floor..."

What I did think was notable was his overly thoughtful pose.

Practicing for high school.

This actually reminds me a lot of the studied head-prop we all cultivated in order to appear that we were awake in class when we were actually nearing the drooling point.

I see great things ahead for young William…scholar of sleep.

Mad for Plaid

2 Oct

Bunny attempts to hide the fashion "fail"

As those first crisp October days dawn, demanding that we delightedly dust off our cozy cold-weather clothes, it is important to review fashion rules about mixing plaids…or not mixing them.  Blue Puppy was too busy catching drool to help out with the fashion faux pas here, but Bunny tried desperately to cover the evidence of bad plaid.

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