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Guest Napper #14 – Baby Bandit

31 Mar

My friend Katrina sent me this “Katnap” (snicker…come ON…could you resist?) her sleepy little Sienna took in the car getaway vehicle.

Stick 'em up. Yawn.

She’s strapped in for some wild driving and is obviously keen on hiding her identity.

But a girl’s gotta be glam, don’tcha know.  A life of crime is no reason to let yourself go.  I really like her attention to fashion here, what with the pink fake fur coat and the matching ski mask.

I am  a little concerned about her low level of alertness, however.  It doesn’t seem like she’s going to get that car started very quickly…????


Guest Napper #5

3 Dec

When Carrie sent me this, I knew that sweet Jane had to be my Friday Queen Bee.

Maybe it’s because my own middle name is Jane, but I think she’s just the coolest.

Sleeping Beauty

Apparently, Jane and her sister often change into costumes for their naps, so it totally makes up for the fact that she’s really in her bed.  I mean, we don’t DO beds around here very often.  But I think anyone who has such a concern for fashion that she has sleeping outfits…well…you hear me on this one, I’m sure.

I understand that Carrie also has a blog about ec0-friendly parenting, which may be why Jane chose to draw attention to the plight of the disappearing sleepy honey bees everywhere.  Save the bees!

Happy Friday to sleeping princesses everywhere.

Mad for Plaid

2 Oct

Bunny attempts to hide the fashion "fail"

As those first crisp October days dawn, demanding that we delightedly dust off our cozy cold-weather clothes, it is important to review fashion rules about mixing plaids…or not mixing them.  Blue Puppy was too busy catching drool to help out with the fashion faux pas here, but Bunny tried desperately to cover the evidence of bad plaid.

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