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(shut)Eye on Irene

26 Aug

Here at Naps Happen, we’re paragons of preparedness.

Still picking up from the earthquake, though.

As a side note, Gen X’ers: Yes, yes, that IS the apothecary table from Pottery Barn. Bow down to our nineties infamy.

Anyway, as I was saying, we are like SO ready for Irene.  William has been working hard.  He doesn’t want to be caught out like he was during the earthquake the other day.

Um. He WAS working really hard.

I’ve been focusing on buying up D batteries and filling the bathtub.  But William has taken it upon himself to get the watering can at the ready.  To…bale water?

It could bale. It COULD.

In fact, he has suggested that, perhaps, we should all rest up before Irene arrives.  Cormac (ever the grasshopper to William’s ant) agrees wholeheartedly.

Storing Up Strength

William even covered the grill for us.

What helpful boys we have.  Batten down the hatches and stay safe, friends!

Extra credit if you can see the ghost in the apothecary table.


Turn Me Over…I’m Done!

7 Jan

I really have no excuse at all for posting this very summery nap, except that it is so long until summer that I felt it couldn’t wait.

With more snow approaching the Northeast, I know my friends up there will appreciate this memory of hot days, grilled brats, and cold …well, we won’t talk about the libations.  Although, admittedly, one could suspect that William snuck something from the cooler, the way he has placed his nap UNDER the grill.

Dreaming of the perfect burger?

He was there for awhile, too.

Surprise! Puppies!

Obviously, the grill was not in use and I checked on him frequently to make sure he was okay.  He snoozed away until he was perfectly cooked and then came back inside.  What a champ.

It will be summer again, people.  Hang on!  Also, Happy Friday!

A Fond Farewell to Summer

5 Oct

Unwilling to leave summer behind...

What better way to shed a tear for summer’s passing than to indulge in a reverent slumber underneath the grill?  William assures me that one awakens refreshed and dreaming of Bratwurst.  Puppy, too.

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