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Guest Napper #64 – Mortified Mope?

10 Feb


Falling asleep in your bouncer isn’t a new idea. We’ve seen it before around here. Something different is going on, though, in this picture that Crystal sent me.

It’s like Jack is saying, “Mom. Please. I am TOO OLD FOR THIS STUFF.”

This is just too humiliating.

Monkeys? Rainbows? I mean…what a snooze.

Cheer up, Jack. It’s Friday.



Sleep ‘n Safari

21 Jan

We’ve got a really wild nap here. Monkeys and tigers and bare feet – oh my! We even have some fish (in the bowl) although someone needs to tell Cormac that it’s okay to eat them with his fingers.

Perhaps the effort of chasing those goldfish around their bowl with a spoon exhausted him to the point that he just quit trying and decided to snooze, instead.

The Jungle Nook

As usual, he felt the need to put himself right at the edge of his couch. Perhaps in case the tiger turns out to be a wild animal, after all, and bites the hand that feeds him goldfish?

Comfy, as usual.

For now, however, there seems to be no danger. Tiger is enjoying his catnap, as well…

It’s the black domestic short hair we might want to worry about.

Is that a panther?


Guest Napper #6

8 Dec

Again with the bed, but only part way.

Jail Break

Erin’s mom Lexie sent me this, with the comment that her daughter sleeps all over the bed.  Seems to me that the monkey on her foot would rather be elsewhere!  As Lexie put it, “he looks so happy to be free…”

Goodnight, Gorilla…

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