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Guest Nappers #52 and 53: Table Topple

19 Dec

According to Pam, this photo of cousins Jackson and Cooper was taken the day after Thanksgiving at The Cheesecake Factory. My guess is that someone told these boys how long it would take them to eat their 5lb. grilled cheese sandwiches, and they collapsed proactively from exhaustion.

Can we at least split one?

Even the little one’s optimistic t-shirt can’t conquer his fear of those Cheesecake Factory portions. At least he’s still upright. Notice he has jammed that pacifier resolutely in his mouth, though. No monstrous grilled cheese is making it past that goalie.

Perhaps this could be a way for all of us to avoid holiday excess? Do they make adult-size pacifiers? I’m looking into this, pronto, because I’ve never been good at that “just have one piece of Godiva” thing.

Just control yourselves, people. And stay away from “salads” (insert cheese, cheese, bacon, and buttered croutons) that could feed an entire housing tract.



Rapturous Repose

20 May

Sometimes the funniest details of a nap photo are only apparent to me when I insert it, full-size, into my post.  I thought I would be making a puppet joke.  For, indeed, Cormac looks like a boy (who is not yet a REAL boy), resting in his father’s workshop for the night.

But, instead, I noticed that he is peacefully resting on top of Mickey Mouse,  who looks like he has been crushed by his wee, curly Pinocchio.  Facedown.  No apologies.

Marionette, Interrupted

And then I had a really, really bad thought that this is all a premonition about tomorrow’s Rapture.  The angelic one, peacefully awaiting his heavenly reward (with the keys to The Gate at his feet) while the greedy, grasping empire of Disney lies FACE DOWN FACING THE RED FIRES OF HELL! (Or, as the case may be, a Lightning McQueen pop-up tent.)  Mickey and his friends will pay now for making me watch Bambi so very many times.

I worried for a minute that making fun of the (supposed) Rapture might send me to Hell.  But then my friend pointed out that there are SO many other reasons I won’t make the cut for the favored 3%.  This is the least of it.  Like what about that time my kid dipped his pacifier in the toilet at the Hilton Garden Inn?

Leaning Toddler Of Pizzzzzza

6 May

When I see this extremely uncomfortable-looking nap, I can only surmise that Cormac was examining the crumbs between the couch cushions.

"Mom - I think you missed a spot..."

That’s my first thought.

And then my second thought is…how did he drop his pacifier on his right side and then swing wildly over to the left?

Faceplant in progress.

We’re going to have to work on his posture.

But it’s Friday, so you all forget about your posture and cut loose a little.  I know we will!

Lunchtime Lethargy

22 Apr

I promised you more pictures of Cormac sleeping at the table, and I will not disappoint.

Showing excellent balance

Judging by this performace, I’d say he’s not far from being able to sleep standing up.  At very least, he is going to be awesome at sneaking that little post-lunch snooze in algebra about fourteen years from now.

Let’s hope, by then, he will have given up the pacifier.

Happy Friday!

Post-Holiday Crash

27 Dec

With all the chocolate and the activity, the crash was bound to come sooner or later.  Fortunately, Cormac had the forethought to snuggle up with his new dancing Mickey and, yes, to make sure he also had a pacifier.

New nap buddies

In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s a wooden top.  Very creative, I say!

Spin 'n Snooze?

Looking all cherubic like this, you’d almost think Cormac was on Santa’s “Nice” list instead of where he more likely resides — first place on the 2011 “Naughty” list.  You should see him when he’s awake!  But, of course, you won’t.  Ever.

Yawn.  So much for yesterday’s yule.

Friday Fashionista

17 Dec

This was one of Cormac’s early spontaneous floor naps.  I like his style.  The Brian Setzeresque hair pouf. The effortless, color-coordinated blankie wrap. The minimalist pacifier. Why he chose to style his nap on the floor of my room, in front of my dresser is the missing piece of info here.  However, it is clear that this kids is going places…when he wakes up.

As Tyra Banks might say, this nap is fierce.

Knocked out by the week...

May all of those parents out there experience a Silent Night and a restful one!


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