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Guest Napper #66 – Upholstered Exhaustion

16 Feb

These pictures Jen sent me of her daughter Cecelia remind me of how I feel at 10pm on some weekdays.

In short, I’m just done.

I'm just done, people.

I can neither confirm nor deny that Cecelia has been teaching class, but she sure looks like she knows my pain. Perhaps she had a bad day getting those unruly teddy bears to attend to their alphabet.

It's just so demoralizing.

Did she fall asleep beating her fists on the chair? Railing against the human condition, wherein one must labor uphill every day and never make progress?

Dunno, but she’s out cold now.

Sweet dreams, girlfriend. May you find respite from the rat race.


The Tedium of Sisyphus and Joshua

8 Nov

Not quite IN the bed...

This shot represents a day when I felt we were making progress, because William conked out near his bed.  I can’t figure out how this arrangement happened, exactly.

From the looks of it, I’d say he was reading Once Upon a Potty and working on his phonics with the alphabet apple.  But the utter boredom of reading, again, about “I, Joshua’s mother, have always changed him, keep changing him, and will never STOP CHANGING HIM AND WILL BE DOING IT IN PERPETUITY!!!!” must have slain his wakefulness and caused him to seek refuge from the tedious Joshua, his repetitive mother, his potty-gifting grandmother, and the aforementioned potty-that-looks-like-a-chamber pot.  Only sleep could save him.  Heck – only sleep saves me.

Meanwhile, seeing William engrossed by Joshua’s tiresome potty story, Bunny tried to scale the bedrail and make a break for the promised land…only to slip off the bed again and fall cruelly back like Sisyphus — on top of his boy and the floor.

Keep pushing that rock uphill, Bunny.  Someday, you will get there.

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