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Guest Napper #35

19 Sep

You may have noticed that the posts have slowed down recently here at Naps Happen.  It’s not because we aren’t tired.  On the contrary, between being a human taxi, taking care of the homestead, and working part time at night…well…this mom is just plumb wore out.

I see, though, that I’m not the only person around here who could sleep standing up.

What? Huh? I missed the meeting?

Leigh sent me this picture of Madison, who is practicing early to be a supermom.  This may be me, in a few hours, holding up the preschool car line as I catch a few Z’s in the driver seat.

Is it only Monday?


Guest Napper #3

15 Nov

I grateful to Sue for this napping genius, who doesn’ t even need to lie down in order to refresh himself.


I'm Still Standin'...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...


This is going to serve him really well if he can still do it when he’s grown up. And judging by the ring around his mouth, he may have also eaten something while taking this standing nap, although that has not been confirmed by the source.

Forget the Nap Olympics, that would qualify him for Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

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