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Guest Nappers #52 and 53: Table Topple

19 Dec

According to Pam, this photo of cousins Jackson and Cooper was taken the day after Thanksgiving at The Cheesecake Factory. My guess is that someone told these boys how long it would take them to eat their 5lb. grilled cheese sandwiches, and they collapsed proactively from exhaustion.

Can we at least split one?

Even the little one’s optimistic t-shirt can’t conquer his fear of those Cheesecake Factory portions. At least he’s still upright. Notice he has jammed that pacifier resolutely in his mouth, though. No monstrous grilled cheese is making it past that goalie.

Perhaps this could be a way for all of us to avoid holiday excess? Do they make adult-size pacifiers? I’m looking into this, pronto, because I’ve never been good at that “just have one piece of Godiva” thing.

Just control yourselves, people. And stay away from “salads” (insert cheese, cheese, bacon, and buttered croutons) that could feed an entire housing tract.



Cuddly Cartnap (you heard me!)

25 Nov

It’s nothing special to pull off a catnap. But what about a cartnap? How about a tandem cartnap?


I’ve been hearing a lot about the Black Friday madness going on out there, and I think people just need to chill out.  Clearly, William and Cormac agree with me.  In fact, they see no reason not to catch up on some sleep while Mom drags them through the shopping.

With a little help from my friends...

For all the times I’ve had to hear “Mama! He’s pushing me!” this was a welcome moment of peace and quiet.  It’s nice to see brothers helping each other out once in a while, right?

To everyone already out there in the fray, and to those of you who are preparing to venture forth…you are CRAZY, PEOPLE!

Happy Post Turkey Day from Naps Happen.

Guest Napper #43

17 Oct

We always like a tandem nap, and this one has that little extra-special something. Judging by Nate and Jeremiah’s identical postures, I’d say there’s something genetic going on here. Could we be stumbling onto a (possibly worthless, but nonetheless interesting) scientific discovery at Naps Happen?

Nice to agree on napping style.

I’m no genius in the lab (and my friends from high school will attest to this, as I was nicknamed “Captain Careless” for spilling acid and also turning on the eyewash) but I predict that these two will also tend to stand in fig leaf position when posing for future family photos. Just wait.

In the meantime, their mom Jeni is just super lucky to have such snoozy boys. Beds? Who needs beds. We’ve got tandem naps!

Double Take

6 Jul

I know what you’re thinking.  She’s lost her edge, that nap lady.  I could produce a nap like this!


Oh, so WHAT??!

It’s true.  Every toddler falls asleep on the couch.  Who cares?  Ah!  But look more closely!

There's another one!

Two babies!

Oh yeah. The floor nap is ON.

…plus poor old Blue Puppy.  If you can find him.

Snooze on, people.  Snooze on.

Guest Nappers #19…and #20

10 Jun

This Sleeping Beauty is wearing the wrong Disney princess as a mascot, as she is clearly more inclined to emulate one of the snoozier ladies.

What came first, the spillage or the nap?

I’m grateful to Jennifer for sending me this snap of her daughter Rayne, who clearly just couldn’t make it through her entire meal before conking out.

But wait!  There is more!

Two babies!

Her brother Trace was also overcome mid-sip, adding to the growing evidence that some type of evil lunchtime spell has been wrought.

On the other hand, what may be an evil sleeping spell to the child can be a fairy’s gift to an exhausted parent.  Tandem nap?  YES, PLEASE!

For that, my lovelies, is the most powerful magic of all.  Have a great weekend!

Unsynchronized Sleepers

27 May

As we all avoid Friday afternoon meetings, watch the clock, and count down to the first cocktail…er…hotdog…I thought it appropriate to send everyone off with some sleepy togetherness.   We may not always be in sync while snoozing, but we can still enjoy lounging about in bed on the floor.

Holiday weekend with family...

I am going to appreciate these precious moments because I know that it won’t be too many more years before the brother who was sleeping will be waking up with something scrawled on his face in magic marker.

Unconsciousness is bliss.

May your tanks be full and your bladders empty, as you ride off into the sunset for beachier pastures.  Or just crack open a cold one on your deck.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Summer is here…

Dreamy Duo

7 Apr

Sometimes I come downstairs to see why they are so quiet, and this is what I find.

Genetic Link?

One boy sneaks under.

Burrowing Brother

The other collapses over.

Toddler Up Top

And they are both faaaaast asleep.

The End.

Guest Napper #10 (Or Maybe #11). Redux.

7 Mar

You’re not going to recognize this guy, but he appeared not too long ago with his identical twin in just about the best tandem nap EVAH.  The problem is, I can’t tell which boy he is. You can hardly blame me.

Snug as a bug...

The only important thing to know is that this boy is having a very good sleep.  Who cares about any of the other details?

Like those little crocuses just waiting to pop up and delight us all…

Guest Nappers #10 and #11

18 Feb

Ohhhh, do I have a great (super great) Friday surprise for you all.

You’ve seen solo naps. You’ve seen tandem naps.  But a tandem twin nap?  That is only possible thanks to the generous contribution of my friends Christy and Dave, who have identical twin boys (plus another boy…they deserve their own tandem naps. Stat.).

Two naps are better than one.

As you can see, these guys aren’t required to share a napping style just because they’re identical twins.  You know – one facedown and the other comfortably face…up?  I wonder if there was a cry of “Mom!  He’s kicking me!” before the snooze ensued.

Enjoy this gorgeous springlike day and dream of brotherly harmony.

Cabin Coma

28 Jan

As many of us face yet another day of cancelled school and mounting indoor insanity, I try to celebrate the closeness we are all developing from these snowbound winter days.

Snowbound Snoozing

I have to say, naps like these are pretty rare.  I felt I should bust out the big guns to amuse myself and everyone else.  This will probably be the funniest moment of MY day, for sure.

I will now return to hitting endless repeat on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and prepare to accept my place in hell for parents who have succumbed to televised entertainment.

Hang in there.  Daylight Savings starts in just over six weeks.

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