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Sleeping By Surprise

2 Dec

Sometimes, of an afternoon, I let the boys have their lunch on a tray in the basement while they watch a movie. They call this “picnic” and it’s good, clean fun. Apparently, it’s also very tiring…at least for Cormac.

Grilled cheese gross out?

William has eaten half of his sandwich, but Cormac didn’t even make it to the cherry tomatoes before he crashed out.  William seems unconcerned.


In fact, this impromptu naps seems to have hit Cormac like a freight train, leaving him open-mouthed with surprise.  At least he thought to take his shoes off, first.

Blue Puppy was surprised, too.

Squished Sleep

As if he doesn’t know the drill by now. Puhleeze.


Guest Napper #25 Redux – (un)Seasonal Swing

30 Nov

I don’t mean to go all crazy believing in SCIENCE or anything, but can anyone resist saying “global warming” this week?  Our weather on the east coast yesterday was more like early May than November. Put me in mind of those spring days when you are just so freakin’ glad to get those kids outside, drop them in a swing, and let them take a nap.

Wait. That’s not how it goes.

Not ready for the big swing.

Thanks to Raffaella and Konstantino for finally proving what all moms secretly lament: The park is more exhausting than it is FUN.

But, man, if I could nap in the swings, we’d go every day.

The cold has descended again, though, so we’ll have to put our park naps off! And now to don some outerwear and head out for the day…

Sleeping and Stuffing LIVE!

28 Nov

When I was typing the title of this blog, I accidentally put in “Sleeping and Stuffing LIVER!” which was probably some kind of Freudian slip related to images of foie gras…but you can’t blame me after this gluttonous holiday we’ve all just survived, can you?

Lorelei sent me this adorable video of determined little Aiden Ro, who doesn’t let a little exhaustion interrupt his feeding frenzy.  Watching it, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to this weekend, when I set the fifth round of appetizers (cheese…olives…DIP) on the coffee table and smiled at everyone as if I had no idea they were already disgusted with themselves.

“Save room for dessert!”  Aiden Ro isn’t leaving anything to chance. He has a feeling he might not be awake for dessert, yo.

Notice the dog hangs around for a little while, and then he just gets out of the way.

Speaking of which, you people stay out of my way today, as I make a beeline for the exercise machine and the salad spinner. Have to do penance for the next holiday stuffing.

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