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Guest Napper #94 – Cuddly Companion

23 May

There’s a lot of buzz out there right now on Facebook and Twitter, with moms discussing the imminent end of school and the looming summer break.

(insert nervously hysterical cackle)

You folks have LOTS of togetherness ahead. We all do.  But it looks like Rose may have a little more togetherness ahead than some of us.

Experiencing lower back pain upon waking?

Okay, come on. It’s adorable!

If only all summer moments could be this peaceful. Stay strong, parents…



Snoozing Sweethearts

14 Feb

Most people find Valentine’s Day is less about the dream and more about the reality…which in this case happens to be a dream, but let’s not confuse matters.  If this picture shows what usually happens between you and your significant other, there might be a problem.

A strange togetherness...

However, since these two are at each other’s throats half the time, a good tandem nap is the sweetest Valentine a mom can have.

Sweet dreams to the sweet.

May your V-Day be at very least inoffensive.




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