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Dreams of the Deck

14 Oct

I really thought this would never happen again.  William (our original napper!) is getting so big and hardly ever takes a strange nap (or any nap) anymore.  That’s why this one was such a sweet surprise.

Did he trip?

It does look like he was strolling across the threshold with his juice and just went splat.  That’s not really what happened, though.

I saw him go facedown on purpose and give his tell-tale bottom-waggle.  The settling cue.

We like a firm pillow.

Because nothing says “sweet dreams” like splintery deck boards.  Plus, he’d had a very hard morning at preschool, being the guy in charge of “attendance.”

Exhausted from a long shift.

I think there might have also been some Gene Kelly action, a la Singing in the Rain. Or was he auditioning to be the next Morton’s Salt model? I’m wondering…

Other clues to his lack of energy.

And then there’s the need to constantly defend oneself against the younger brother, who has recently cultivated a really good evil laugh.

Please send Scooby Snacks.

In the end, though, even Cormac wanted to be a cool kid.

Two down...but only for a minute.

For those of you who ask the inevitable question – William’s deck nap lasted for over an hour. Out cold in the cold. Well – not really. It was pretty warm out. I’m just kidding.

Take a last nap on your decks if you can. WINTER IS COMING!



Ding, Dong, the Deck’s a Bed

11 Aug

Contrary to what this photo would suggest, I do not encourage my children to sunbathe.  I also do not lock them on the deck in their pajamas and force them to take outdoor naps.  Behind giant flowerpots.

Like a sauna?

It seems that, following in his brother’s footsteps, Cormac couldn’t resist the siren song of the sauna-like boards of the deck.


Open your eyes and get out of bed, people.  Naps Happen al fresco.


The rustic life has appeal…

22 Sep


Still life with ball and watering can


As the weather improved, outdoor napping became a new and tantalizing option.

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