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Burgeoning Black Belt

24 Feb

Ralph Macchio, step aside.

Daniel-san: How come you didn’t tell me?

Mr. Miyagi: Tell you what?

Daniel-san: That you knew karate?

Mr. Miyagi: You never ask?

"sweep the leg..."

A friend of mine once observed that there must be a huge market for karate schools because every time a strip mall goes up, the first thing to show up is a martial arts storefront. He is very wise, my friend.

But we have found a new way to save money. The industrious Cormac-san has proved to be a prodigy when it comes to napping and preparing for competition – all without any troublesome karate school.

The Crane - None Can Defeat It

Also, he has been doing triple time as a dog walker, to earn money so he can hire an eager high school student to “wax on, wax off” for him. According to eighties film, that is another good way to learn karate. If you want to go the less awesome Jackie Chan/Jaden Smith  route, I guess it’s all about hanging up your jacket over and over again. Sadly, hanging up jackets is a skill that neither William nor Cormac has shown any aptitude for, whatsoever.

You can’t be good at everything. I’m so sure – do you think Will and Jada’s kids can nap like this?

Use karate only for self-sleep-defense.

But perhaps we disturb this young pupil. As Mr. Miyagi said, we should “leave boy alone to train.”

Indeed. Let him pursue the mastery of sleep.


Puppy Parade

16 Mar

With all the sobering news out there right now, I didn’t really feel right about posting comical naps this past week, hence my brief absence.  I want to say, first and foremost, that I am sensitive to the fact that people have much more important things to think about than silly blogs!

However, after spending the morning at the DMV, I was freshly inspired to post the “nap” you see below.  It was so appropriate, and it gave me a much-needed laugh to think of sharing it with all of you…most of whom have also been to the DMV at some point and know its particular tortures.

William put himself down for a nap (in bed – a shocker) the other day, which wasn’t that entertaining.  What was entertaining was how his room looked when he cheerily toddled downstairs for a juice.

Puppy Parade

I’m fairly sure this is really about William’s persistent desire for symmetry in life…but anyone who has ever observed meetings between dogs can’t help but notice a humorous authenticity to the way the dogs are arranged.

Are you a friend?

Greetings, puppies!

I am, indeed, thankful that my trip to the DMV was a little less friendly than this.

Take a number!

But at least they’re all standing in line quietly like civilized puppies.


Just a little message from William that we should all be friendly, wait our turn, and make time in life to enjoy the simple things.

Still Life With Puppies

24 Feb

I think William felt slighted when I featured Cormac in an artistic pose.  He appears to have produced his own psuedo-Flemish masterpiece.

So peaceful.

Let’s see, we have two ride-on toys and two…no…three stuffed puppies and a blankie.  All we’re missing is the ubiquitous bowl of fruit.  He seems to have borrowed from Vermeer there, with the light entering the scene from the left side.

I am very pleased with this artistic promise.

There Was a Preschooler Who Lived in a Shoe…

2 Feb

I have seen so many funny comments today and yesterday on twitter from other moms (like Nicole, Allison, and Brenna) who are aghast at the prospect of another snow day at home with their children.

Even those who have just one child are beginning to feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe.  Although this falls into the category of tame “couch naps,” it struck a chord with me, today.

Feeling a little crowded at home?

Momma to a passel of puppies, this one.  I wonder how much TV they will get today?

Hang in there, parents!

Stairway to Heaven Redux

31 Jan

Those of you who remember the incredible first Stairway Snooze must agree with me that it seemed like lightning in a bottle.  I seriously can’t think of anyone else I’ve ever met whose kid took a 2-hour nap on the steps.

Once again, William exceeds expectations.

Thank goodness for pie-shaped steps.

This time (nearly 18 mos. and several inches in height later) he “wedged” himself on the pie-shaped turning step on our upstairs staircase and settled in with puppy for a comfy re-posed repose.  I kid you not.

He actually stayed here for something like 90 minutes, shifting around every so often.  I didn’t feel the need to move him, since he had a good, flat area in which to sleep.

More puppies appear.

I’m not sure what the legal capacity of the pie-shaped step is, though.  These guys might already be too many to fit in a VW Beetle or a phone booth.

This MUST be the last stair nap, so enjoy it.  I cannot believe it will happen again.  Happy Monday!

(Nap) Attack Dogs

25 Jan

I do realize that this nap is in a bed (snooooooze) but I couldn’t resist the passel of puppies and the ‘tude that says “Back off, woman.  I’m napping.”

I can't hear you I can't hear you...

It is a scene like this that makes me quite sure I have some weekday battles in my future, getting William up and at ’em for school.

For now, he rests in the protection of his canine police force.  Fierce-looking, aren’t they?

You’ll Have To Trust Me…

21 Dec

This is not just some funny game of peek-a-boo.  The boy is actually asleep.

I swear he's asleep

One thing that has occurred to me is that he will do great on airplanes.  Better on the airplanes of the future I saw in a newspaper article, which don’t recline and have a pommel seat to save space.  Our little cowboy could do circus tricks on horses with this type of balance.  I like the puppies peeking dubiously from behind his back.  It’s like they’re saying “How long can he stay like this…really?”

He did eventually tumble over.

Back to our usual programming...

However, this did not interrupt his nap.  You people should learn from his dogged determination.  Don’t let inconvenient seating or doubtful puppies ruin your snooze.  Or…something like that.

Happy Holidays (yawn).


(S)ave (O)ur (S)leep…

16 Nov

Some day, digital archaeologists will happen upon this picture and know that William collapsed tragically into an uncomfortable nap while spelunking under our kitchen table.


He attempted to signal me, using morse code and this flashlight, but he and his companions eventually succumbed to the soporific qualities of that comfy wool rug and surrendered to sleep before help arrived.

He took Disney down with him.  Mickey and Donald – you thought nothing could destroy them, eh?  That cup of juice just wasn’t enough for a thirsty boy, three puppies, a duck, and a freakishly large mouse.

Rest in peace, little adventurers.

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