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Last Gasp

31 Dec

Frankly, there isn’t a picture in my collection that doesn’t invite some kind of reckless party joke, so I’ll just throw a random one up here.


Run over by 2010

What’s nice to know about this picture is that Cormac crashed out in front of the door to the garage on our semi-chilly basement floor.  It doesn’t seem to bother him, does it?

View from the top...

That’s the doormat near his head.  Love the detail of the star on his foot.  Our little napping star!

Unlike most people, I don’t have anything against a good New Year’s resolution, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to resolve to get these boys into bed more often.  Where’s the fun in that, right?

Happy New Year to all.  May 2011 be delightfully sleepy!


Post-Holiday Crash

27 Dec

With all the chocolate and the activity, the crash was bound to come sooner or later.  Fortunately, Cormac had the forethought to snuggle up with his new dancing Mickey and, yes, to make sure he also had a pacifier.

New nap buddies

In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s a wooden top.  Very creative, I say!

Spin 'n Snooze?

Looking all cherubic like this, you’d almost think Cormac was on Santa’s “Nice” list instead of where he more likely resides — first place on the 2011 “Naughty” list.  You should see him when he’s awake!  But, of course, you won’t.  Ever.

Yawn.  So much for yesterday’s yule.

Sweet and Simple

24 Dec

Festive Nap


From our home to yours…

Sweet Snooze


…and to big and little nappers, alike.  May you sleep in heavenly peace.

Happy Holidays!

Guest Napper(s) #7

23 Dec

With Mother Nature going crazy all over the country, I thought I’d take advantage of a warm weather guest nap that came from Emily in the Boston area.

As California swims in a downpour and everyone else hunkers under tooth-chattering temps, it warms my feet and the cockles of my cynical heart to see this typical slice of Americana – boys crashed out on the way back from their first-ever Red Sox game.

Whether you celebrate a holiday this month or you just appreciate the good things in life, this is a snooze worth seeing – and remembering.  Haven’t we all had this nap at some time in our lives?  I would dearly love to think so!

Here’s hoping your holiday – weather sunny, wet or frigid – is nonetheless peaceful and bright.

You’ll Have To Trust Me…

21 Dec

This is not just some funny game of peek-a-boo.  The boy is actually asleep.

I swear he's asleep

One thing that has occurred to me is that he will do great on airplanes.  Better on the airplanes of the future I saw in a newspaper article, which don’t recline and have a pommel seat to save space.  Our little cowboy could do circus tricks on horses with this type of balance.  I like the puppies peeking dubiously from behind his back.  It’s like they’re saying “How long can he stay like this…really?”

He did eventually tumble over.

Back to our usual programming...

However, this did not interrupt his nap.  You people should learn from his dogged determination.  Don’t let inconvenient seating or doubtful puppies ruin your snooze.  Or…something like that.

Happy Holidays (yawn).


Friday Fashionista

17 Dec

This was one of Cormac’s early spontaneous floor naps.  I like his style.  The Brian Setzeresque hair pouf. The effortless, color-coordinated blankie wrap. The minimalist pacifier. Why he chose to style his nap on the floor of my room, in front of my dresser is the missing piece of info here.  However, it is clear that this kids is going places…when he wakes up.

As Tyra Banks might say, this nap is fierce.

Knocked out by the week...

May all of those parents out there experience a Silent Night and a restful one!


Heart-Pounding Action

16 Dec

William’s dearest toy is his marble ramp.  Every day, his father puts it together.  Every day, his little brother gets to it and tears it apart.  But, in between, he could sit for hours sending marbles down this thing.  He just loves to see how stuff works.  Like, you know, gravity.

Thrills and Spills...For Sure

Gravity is the law, apparently.  It is also soothing.

Something tells me this kid is going to be first in the line for the rollercoasters…probably having a catnap all the while.


Rock, Scissors, Chocolate…

14 Dec

I know what you’re thinking.  William is losing his edge.  What’s with all this boring couch napping?  Even the puppies (Quick! How many can you find?) seem over it.

Oh, blah - another couch nap...

I wouldn’t have chosen this picture if it weren’t for the one I found that had been taken just minute before.

William's Naptitude cannot be defeated

For most people, just like rock beats scissors and scissors beat paper and…well…we won’t start with the whole thing about paper beating rock.  When it comes to children and sleep, it’s like “Nap beats crabbiness and crabbiness defeats mom’s chocolate stash and the chocolate buzz defeats the nap.”

Well, we are game changers here at Chez Snooze.

Paper no longer smothers rock and, let me tell you folks, chocolate does not defeat nap.

I’m off to have a Red Bull.  Later, folks.

Peace Out

10 Dec

I have often heard of the benefits of meditation.  Frankly, I’m the type who sits in yoga thinking about her shopping list.  William, however, has shown great promise in yoga and pilates since an early age.

Inner Peace

Blue Puppy tries to be down with this yogi stuff, but he’s having trouble being zen about it.

As always, William ends the week in a deep state of relaxation.  I hope your week ends the same way!

Brotherly Love

9 Dec

Around here, tandem naps like the one I posted on Thanksgiving are, unfortunately, quite rare.  More often, one falls asleep while the other is awake.  This not only ensures I will never have a quiet moment to myself, but it also means that brotherly battles will ensue.

Evil Plot Hatching

Of my two sons, William is definitely the snooziest.  If Cormac had his way, he would never have to waste time sleeping.  Especially when the little man could be planning an assault on William’s sweet slumber.

Can't Stand It Anymore

I don’t remember exactly what happened on this particular day, but I can assure you that it involved an eye-poke, a smack over the head with a couch cushion, and the wicked theft of Blue Puppy and/or Green Blankie.

Keep Your Friends Close

William is pretty good at ignoring Cormac, which only guarantees that Cormac’s pestering skills will increase dramatically with time.

...And Your Enemies Closer


William may have triumphed today, but baby says “I’ll be back.”  No doubt…he will.

Guest Napper #6

8 Dec

Again with the bed, but only part way.

Jail Break

Erin’s mom Lexie sent me this, with the comment that her daughter sleeps all over the bed.  Seems to me that the monkey on her foot would rather be elsewhere!  As Lexie put it, “he looks so happy to be free…”

Goodnight, Gorilla…

I’d Like To Thank…William

7 Dec

When your entire blog consists of pictures of your children, it’s somewhat mandatory that all your polite acquaintances express their delight.  I have VERY polite friends.  I thank them for laughing at Naps Happen for over a year-and-a-half now — since long before I had an actual blog. So it’s pretty cool when someone from the blog world (blogoverse?) validates that you are indeed funny, and not just an incredibly self-focused mother whose children are not really amusing at all. Yesterday, I received that validation in the form of this little award from a much funnier blogger – Allison.


No – I can’t make the award badge any bigger than that.  Although I would like to. Here’s the difficult part.  I am supposed to turn around and award this to seven other people – and the only three I want to give it to were part of the path through which it came to me (see my blogroll).  I have work to do on my blog reading! So rather than artificially, quickly digging up seven funny blogs, I will solemnly swear to bank my seven options for giving this award and parcel them out as the opportunity arises. And since this award is really for William, I thought I’d leave you with an old fave.

Oblivious to his freakin' funniness...

Manic Monday

6 Dec

Admittedly, fewer of William’s naps are on the floor now.  However, I really like the ‘tude he exhibits with the newer behavior…blankie burrowing.


Golly, he’s serious.  You’ll note he’s even shutting out Blue Puppy.  Having seen what Blue Puppy has gone through for his naps in the past, I’m not sure I think that’s very polite.

Also, as you can see, it is pointless trying to enforce the “no shoes on the couch” rule around here.

Guest Napper #5

3 Dec

When Carrie sent me this, I knew that sweet Jane had to be my Friday Queen Bee.

Maybe it’s because my own middle name is Jane, but I think she’s just the coolest.

Sleeping Beauty

Apparently, Jane and her sister often change into costumes for their naps, so it totally makes up for the fact that she’s really in her bed.  I mean, we don’t DO beds around here very often.  But I think anyone who has such a concern for fashion that she has sleeping outfits…well…you hear me on this one, I’m sure.

I understand that Carrie also has a blog about ec0-friendly parenting, which may be why Jane chose to draw attention to the plight of the disappearing sleepy honey bees everywhere.  Save the bees!

Happy Friday to sleeping princesses everywhere.

The Fall of the Fort

2 Dec

This nap seems to have conquered the reinforced walls of William’s pillow fort, despite his most valiant efforts.

Overrun by the snoozies

Where are the fellow defenders of wakefulness?  Where is Bunny?  Where is Blue Puppy?  Only Blankie remains to reverently cover our boy hero.

A true friend...

But wait!  Puppy is revealed.  Lying patiently underneath his boy, he shows his loyalty once again.

May you all have a best friend at your side as Thursday launches its assault on you.

High Chair Hijinkzzz

1 Dec

I’m sure most parents have seen their little people fall asleep while eating.  Perhaps this Nap Happening isn’t so unusual.


No turkey here...just cheerios

I do like the little detail of the cheerio on the neck, however.  It looks like he might have one in his mouth, too.  Luckily, these tasty, round morsels dissolve…eventually!

Rest up BEFORE your meals, people.

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