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15 Dec

Today, I want to bring you a very important holiday safety message.  Please, folks, stay awake while you are using the Sit ‘n Spin

Do not sit, snooze, 'n spin.

If you are going to do a layout off the Sit ‘n Spin, DO wear some really entertaining socks. Preferably some that will enable us all to make jokes about the Wicked Witch of the West.

Friend or Foe?

One unanswered question I have is this: is the tiger responsible for the accident? Did he cuddle his boy into a premature slumber, causing him to fall from his Sit ‘n Spin? People should remember that big cats are, after all, wild stuffed animals.

What's done is done. But next time...

If you’ll look closely, you’ll see that a small stuffed dachshund is the real victim, here. Cormac landed on him and is using him as a pillow. The tiger should be ashamed of himself.

Bedspins have never been so restful.

I want to issue a disclaimer that Cormac was NOT drinking out of that plastic cup when the accidental nap occurred. No, sir. We don’t drink apple juice while spinning in this house. Very strict rules.

Consider yourselves warned.


Breaking the Law

21 Nov

I guess, after all this time and all these naps, you’re just going to yawn when you see this and say, “Oh, Cormac is on the floor AGAIN.”  And, it’s true, naps on the floor are nothing new at my house.

Here we see your typical snore on the floor.

Mmmm. Comfy.

Knowing our middle school science, we look at this photo and assume he fell off the ottoman. After all, “what goes up must come down, right?” Lucky he didn’t conk himself on that high chair!  But wait…is that really how this story unfolded? I can tell you from the order in which I took the pictures that we defied gravity.

Snooze the First

Interesting spot he chose.

and he left his juice behind!

But then I left the room and returned a few minutes later…and this is what I saw.

Defying Gravity

Looks like he realized the ottoman was comfier and managed to haul himself back up there…mostly. I wonder how long he’ll stay? The lesson he has ahead of him: Obey gravity. It’s the law.

For now, he triumphs.

Sadly, we will see soon enough that, around here, a body at rest doesn’t stay at rest. Chaos will soon ensue.

Monkey See Monkey Not Do

6 Jan

When you have a second child, everyone and their mother says “Just get them on the same schedule so you can have some time to yourself!”  Well, I applaud these fabulous moms who manage to mold their children’s schedules to the perfect afternoon moment of silence (during which they are angelically snoozing in their little beds) but I was never, ever able to arrange this.  I’m not saying it never happened, but it rarely happened…and never due to any kind of special skill on my part.

This is a more common scene from my neither-golden-nor-silent afternoon.

The big one. He slumbers. Boo ha ha haaa.

What you see probably follows an hour when Cormac (the little one) was sleeping peacefully and William (the big one) was demanding cartoons, juice, and a visit from the Rockettes.

But it never fails.

No sooner has William gone facedown than Cormac is faceup.  And in William’s face.  I’ll leave you to ponder what happened next…

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