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Guest Napper #32

31 Aug

As cheerful and relieved parents all over the country send their children back to school today, Naps Happen (as the official child slacker spokesblog) wants you to remember not to overschedule them.

Children need time to play…sleep.  Uh.  Play while sleeping.  Wait.  That wasn’t what I was going for here!

Overscheduling. Tsk Tsk.

In fact, Suzanne submitted this picture of her son Asher, with the suggestion that, perhaps, he should skip school and go straight to work for the Department of Transportation.

The pioneers and the Victorians had it right.  Put those kids to work!

Now off to the bus with the lot of you!  If it will pick you up, that is.


Guest Napper #17 – Counter Collapse

3 May

As the school year draws to a close, parents everywhere are getting tired.  But, apparently, the kids are even more beat.

Melissa shared this picture of Caitlyn on Facebook and her friends urged her to send it to me.  Apparently, she put Caitlyn up on the counter while helping her son get ready for school and turned around to find her like this.

Mom, your order is up! Er...down.

Perhaps this is finally hard evidence that backpacks have gotten too heavy?  Homework too onerous?  Beds too soft?

Thanks, Melissa, for a much-needed May mid-week lift!

Pillow Prop

7 Feb

After so many snow days, it’s a wonder if everyone’s house doesn’t look like this.  I guess it’s not so unusual to find William sleeping (by choice) on the floor of our sort-of-chilly basement, surrounded by pillows.

"I was pondering why I prefer the floor..."

What I did think was notable was his overly thoughtful pose.

Practicing for high school.

This actually reminds me a lot of the studied head-prop we all cultivated in order to appear that we were awake in class when we were actually nearing the drooling point.

I see great things ahead for young William…scholar of sleep.

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