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Guest Napper #63 – Touchdown! I mean…Facedown!

7 Feb

My husband is a huge Patriots fan and is clearly outnumbered in his office. Seeing as how he’s in enemy territory, this is how I envision him this week at work.

Under his desk.

It's safe here.

I don’t know if little Alex has any particular team sympathies, but I do note that he is prepared to stay down there next to his chair for as long as it takes. He’s brought water.

I’m not sure what that is under his cheek, but it seems like he brought his own washcloth, too. I mean, clean skin is a priority, people. I read in a magazine, years ago, that you are NEVER too tired to wash your face before bed.

Especially if your cheek will be making contact with someone else’s seat.




Guest Napper #45 – Snoozing Superhero

4 Nov

You know I couldn’t leave Halloween behind without a kid who had a sugar collapse.

Luckily, Jessica caught Saul doing exactly what I had wished my kids would do.  He just went facedown in a candy coma. I assure you that this is far preferable to the screaming fit that my youngest devolved to, before finally collapsing from exhaustion in his bed at 9:30pm.


Spidey Snooze

Oh yeah – my kids were climbing the walls – and they weren’t even dressed as the right characters.  Sadly, I did not get anything like a Sleeping Stormtrooper or a Dreaming Darth Vader. Napping was a concept left behind in a galaxy far…far…awayyyyyyy.

To those of you who lost your power and your water. To those of you who still shiver, unshowered. To those of you whose Halloween was scary in all the wrong ways, we at Naps Happen wish you a warm and clean weekend filled with the comforts of the modern world. May your power (or your superpowers) return.



Guest Napper #25

21 Jul

Rafaella couldn’t have had more perfect timing, sending me this enchanting picture of little Konstantino, who is doing not one, but TWO things we’d all like to do this week.

Dreaming with the fishes...

Sadly, he’s too wee for a fruity umbrella drink, but he’s got the sleeping and the cooling off part DOWN.  He’s even sheltering his skin from the sun so that he doesn’t look like saddle leather at age 50.  Because, you know, real tans are SO 1988.

The sleepy crew at Naps Happen suggests you crank the A/C, stay inside, and fall asleep in front of a movie this weekend.  It’s what the cool kids are doing.

Note: All this napping leaves the lot of us so little time to chat.  Now there’s a Naps Happen Facebook page, so we can get to know each other better!  Click on “Like” in the sidebar to start using the page!

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