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Guest Napper #87 – Maxed Out

17 Apr

You know, on reflection, this is a new one. We’ve had naps under the table. Next to the table.  On the counter. But we’re not quite done…

Likes a really, really firm bed.

Luckily, there are still a few napping locations left on the table for us.

Tee hee.

Apparently Becky left Max to finish up his dinner and when she returned, moments later, he was like this. I guess finishing those veggies is an activity we’ll have to table for later.

OKAY, I’m stopping.

Happy Tuesday to all. May your meals be wakeful.


Guest Nappers #52 and 53: Table Topple

19 Dec

According to Pam, this photo of cousins Jackson and Cooper was taken the day after Thanksgiving at The Cheesecake Factory. My guess is that someone told these boys how long it would take them to eat their 5lb. grilled cheese sandwiches, and they collapsed proactively from exhaustion.

Can we at least split one?

Even the little one’s optimistic t-shirt can’t conquer his fear of those Cheesecake Factory portions. At least he’s still upright. Notice he has jammed that pacifier resolutely in his mouth, though. No monstrous grilled cheese is making it past that goalie.

Perhaps this could be a way for all of us to avoid holiday excess? Do they make adult-size pacifiers? I’m looking into this, pronto, because I’ve never been good at that “just have one piece of Godiva” thing.

Just control yourselves, people. And stay away from “salads” (insert cheese, cheese, bacon, and buttered croutons) that could feed an entire housing tract.


Guest Napper #28

4 Aug

Sleeping and eating have always been a popular pair here at Naps Happen.  However, Jennifer has reached a new level of showmanship in the category of mealtime snoozes.

In case you’re thinking “Oh, boring…a video of some kid sleeping at the table,” you are in for a great surprise.

Kyle is not just sleeping.  He is still eating.

Sorry for the pun, but you are in for a treat.

Jennifer tweets as @kikiandkyle if you’d like to follow her.

Guest Napper #26

27 Jul

Ziva sent me this picture of her daughter, who is carrying on the great tradition of sleeping at mealtimes.


Hand to Mouth

As is the case in so many of these situations, I wish that there had been a video, instead.  Apparently, she traversed new territory by actually continuing to eat while napping!  Reportedly, she snoozed away while slowly taking bites of toast.

Now that is a multi-tasker, folks.  I predict a long and illustrious career for her as a project manager.  At a test kitchen.

Guest Napper #24

15 Jul

After being up with a really feverish child last night, I can certainly relate to Liam.

Um...you're in my "dance space."

His mom, Desiree, had no problem with getting right up in his chubby little face in order to capture this great moment of relaxation.

And what’s wrong with it?  We all like to push back after a great meal and digest for a moment.

Hey! You! That's better. Stay back.

Sleep and eat.  Sleep and eat.  It’s a toddler’s life.

Talk of the Table

21 Jun

The table nap is growing in popularity.

Child's (Chair) Pose

The first time I saw it, I thought it would be the last.  As usual, I was wrong.  In this case, there wasn’t even a big meal involved.

Just water...thanks.

Okay – well, maybe that’s a cookie next to his cup.  But isn’t that supposed to make him wired?

All curled up...

I’d say it’s the soft chair, but that hasn’t shown to be a major factor in the past.

So much for sitting nicely at the table.

I’m too tired to keep thinking about it.  We’ll have to table this discussion and continue it later.

Suspenseful Sleep

14 Jun

Since we’re on a roll with naps at the table, I thought I’d throw this one up there.  It’s getting downright ho-hum, all this balancing-in-chairs and whatnot.

Once again, asleep at the table.

The wider view provides an extra injection of humor, however.

We are not alone...

It’s almost a cliffhanger.  What will happen next?

Leave a comment for me and offer up your suggestion…if you dare.

Naps Happen on the Road!

8 Jun

Sorry for the nap starvation diet, but my family just spent a gorgeous week in Maine. Of course you KNOW that the show goes on, regardless of location. Sheesh.

Not all the naps were funny, but this one sure was.

Over a barrel...

I was inside the house when Dan ran in and hissed “get the camera!” It seems wee Cormac had so exhausted himself romping in the great outdoors that he threw himself over the porch end table and conked out.

or is that an upside down magazine holder?

No – wait – it’s some kind of crate for …stuff.  But definitely not for babies.

either way...not soft

The piece you can’t see is that it’s about 60 degrees on this covered porch. Parents will be glad to know that I did move the ridiculous boy onto the couch and cover him with copious blankets. He had the deeply satisfying sleep of the great outdoors.


Guest Napper #18 – Storybook Snooze

16 May

One of my favorite bloggers, Ninja Mom, honored me twice over this weekend.  She sent me an impeccably dressed guest napper and she wrote up the nap for me, too!  If you’ve never stopped by to read her regular ruminations on the perils of parenting (although she makes no comment on the pitfalls of excessive alliteration) please do.  You won’t be disappointed!  In the meantime, do enjoy this enchanted repose.


Snacking is not for the weary. Or for girls lost in wonderland. Or for sad sack step-sister servants destined for a ball. A few days ago I looked over at the table and wondered aloud, “Where did Beans go?” In the silence that followed I heard snoring. So, when I tiptoed over to confirm that Beans had settled in for a bench nap at the kitchen table I brought the camera with me.

No cushy bed for this paupered preschooler...

Beans is an Alice devotee.  You can’t tell because she plopped belly-down and hid all the identifying bits on the front of her costume, but she’s decked out for a tea party she’d had with the March Hare and friends. Clearly the tea was uncaffeinated.

Fairy Godmother/Cheshire Cat aerial POV

 Naps Happen Note: “Honey MAID,” indeed.

Or was it all that getting ready for the ball? There was the not cleaning up of the playroom and the not dusting off of snack crumbs from the table. All of that hard work avoided and still not enough energy to hang onto both glass slippers. But maybe that’s for the best; I think I hear the Grand Duke calling in the foyer now. I hope he brought a college endowment for my princess.

Waiting for crumbs from the table?

Either way, Beans sure knows one thing: A bench is a bed your snooze makes.

For more of Nicole’s hilarity, click through to Ninja Mom Blog before she turns back into a pumpkin.  For more of my hilarity (hardy har) check out my guest post on her blog from last month.  Warning: you may be off of McDonald’s Playland for a few days. http://www.ninjamomblog.com/2011/04/guest-post-dont-toy-with-me.html

Lunchtime Lethargy

22 Apr

I promised you more pictures of Cormac sleeping at the table, and I will not disappoint.

Showing excellent balance

Judging by this performace, I’d say he’s not far from being able to sleep standing up.  At very least, he is going to be awesome at sneaking that little post-lunch snooze in algebra about fourteen years from now.

Let’s hope, by then, he will have given up the pacifier.

Happy Friday!

The Lazies Who Lunch

18 Mar

Here’s to the lazies who lunch…everybody laugh.

William used to crash in some pretty strange places.  However, when it comes to falling asleep at his plate, it’s Cormac FTW.


Soft chair seat...

Aerial View

I almost have enough of these in the hopper to do “Face in Your Plate” week. Something to look forward to.

I hope none of you are waking up like this as your local Irish pub today.

No La-Z-Boys Here

23 Feb

I’ve had the debate with friends about whether or not it’s a person’s God-given right to recline his seat all the way on an airplane.  Cormac is here to show you people that it’s perfectly possible to sleep sitting up, regardless of whether or not your seat reclines.  As you can see, he’s even using his tray table.

Highchair does not recline

I must say, though, the kid could probably use a good neck pillow right now. Also, he shows early signs of being one of those armrest hogs.  Sorry ladies.


Let’s Play the “Glad Game”

6 Oct

Taking refuge from the day...

Everyone has that day of the week they just dread.  For me, it happens to be Wednesday.  I almost didn’t have time to do a nap post at all (crammed in among the dentist, the flu shot, the child swimming lesson, the other appointment, and my class tonight) but here it is!  I’m sure this will be me by 11pm tonight…when I finally get home.

As Pollyanna might say, “I’m glad, because it’s a whole week until Wednesday comes ’round again!”

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