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Guest Napper #62 – Pillow Top Pooch

31 Jan

Most parents are distressed when napping goes to the dogs at their houses. Maria (mother of both of these two snoozers), however, doesn’t have a problem with it.

Too much closeness?

We’ve all heard about “a boy and his dog.” But what about us girls? As you can see, Duke is pretty patient with his girl Isabel…and it looks like his patience may need to last for awhile.



Guest Napper #61: Mealtime Multi-tasking

28 Jan

You know how you get so hungry sometimes that you find yourself just shoveling your lunch in? And then you are simultaneously chugging your drink and taking a nap to rev yourself back up for the afternoon meeting?

Wait…no, me neither.


Alicia, on the other hand, has got this multi-tasking thing down. She also appears to have gotten a large quantity of pasta or, uh, sweet potatoes? down as well. Right before downing her bottle and taking a train down to Dreamland.

Shh! I'm slurping. I mean sleeping.

Slurping…excuse me, sleeping is an important skill. Her mom, Jennifer, must be so proud.


Sleep ‘n Safari

21 Jan

We’ve got a really wild nap here. Monkeys and tigers and bare feet – oh my! We even have some fish (in the bowl) although someone needs to tell Cormac that it’s okay to eat them with his fingers.

Perhaps the effort of chasing those goldfish around their bowl with a spoon exhausted him to the point that he just quit trying and decided to snooze, instead.

The Jungle Nook

As usual, he felt the need to put himself right at the edge of his couch. Perhaps in case the tiger turns out to be a wild animal, after all, and bites the hand that feeds him goldfish?

Comfy, as usual.

For now, however, there seems to be no danger. Tiger is enjoying his catnap, as well…

It’s the black domestic short hair we might want to worry about.

Is that a panther?


Guest Napper #60: Doggie Diving

18 Jan

I won’t have to tell you that there is some serious awesomeness here.

Brittany’s comment, upon submitting this picture of Esme, was that Esme was petting the dog and fell asleep. Well…that’s for sure. But what of the super-fab outfit she’s wearing? And how soft and comfy can that hearth be for her precious little tootsies?

Nestea Plunge?

Also, unless I am mistaken, that dog has a look of serious world weariness. It’s like “Dude. Is my bed not even sacred?”

Bravo, Esme! Nap boldly and nap well. Not sure there’s much hope for the dog, though.

Also, please visit this page to learn about polycystic kidney disease and what you can do to help!

Guest Nappers #58 and 59: Simon Says “Sleep!”

16 Jan

Any parent with two children places great value on the much-sought-after tandem nap. Look – if you have two kids, you just want them asleep at the same time. Personally, I’ve been grateful for my kids to sleep simultaneously in any position, in any place in the house (or sometimes not even in my house). I don’t give a rat’s patootie if they’re matching or anything.

Amanda has trumped me.

Simon says...

Although years apart in age, Amanda reports that her boys mirrored each other’s positions throughout this entire nap. Sadly, there is no video to prove her assertion. However, seeing as how she’s all writerly and that she publishes cool articles on Circle of Moms and stuff…I’m going to trust her on this one.

I’m going to get my kids to zonk out  in coordinated outfits just to top her next time.

Simon says…sleep for a very long time today, kids.

Amazzzzing Abs

11 Jan

I know – it looks fake, right? Even as I’m turning my head this way and that, I feel my upper abs getting tired.

Imagine the six pack.

If this is preferable to napping in his bed, perhaps it is time for something cushier upstairs? This looks less like a nap to me than it does like some late stage of a boot camp workout. Tis the season!

See...foot isn't even touching.

I’m moving this kid past toddler soccer and martial arts and straight on to Cirque Du Soleil, people. When he wakes up, that is.

This nap is making my hair curl.

Once I sell him to the circus, I can retrieve my magazine.

Guest Napper #57: Above Insomnia

9 Jan

I woke up at 2:30am on Sunday and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Of course I tried all the usual stuff like counting backwards from 100 (while making bleating noises), breathing deeply, and even clearing my mind. Except the clearing of the mind part never works because I start to think about the list of things I need to do and wonder stuff like where I’m sending my kids to day camp this summer. What – everyone does this, right?

Well, perhaps Beth, here, has the right idea. Her mom Lana sent me this picture of her daughter, who does not look like she’s making a nighttime grocery list at all.

Good for circulation.

This really puts me in mind of a nap Cormac had many moons ago. Except, like a typical man, he left his shoes all over the place and looks like he fell asleep while watching sports. What are the chances he’ll pick that stuff up when he wakes?

I’m going to try Beth’s pose tonight at 2:30am, when I wake up and start thinking about the deadlines for preschool paperwork, and how I forgot to xerox that worksheet on sentence fragments for my class on Tuesday.

Don’t lie – you’re jealous of my deep thoughts.


Timid Tiptoes

5 Jan

First of all, this is the entryway of to my house.

Hiding from the new year?

Secondly, I’m still not sure how William gets into these hidey holes without an accomplice.

Hm. Comfy?

That is, by the way, one of those prickly wipe-your-feet-clean doormats next to his face.

A return to bomb shelters?

One thing that I can tell you is that he’s in this sunny spot for the long haul. Luckily, he brought one of his favorite bedtime stories.

Goodnight Tiptoe

Ironically, the character in this story is NOT sleepy. Some role model he turned out to be.

Sleep tight, little man.

I hope our burrowing boy isn’t awakened by a falling book. Goodnight, tiptoes!

Guest Napper #56 – Resolved to Rest

2 Jan

Here’s a good New Year’s Resolution:

Get a smaller dog.

Feeling weighed down by January?

Thanks to Gabrielle’s tot for showing us all that we’re not alone in feeling like we just can’t get up for work tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

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