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Stretchy Snooze

19 Apr

Speaking of naps that double as exercise, check out this version of a spinal twist.

Great for the back.

This is just another in a series of naps my boys have undertaken for the improvement of their backs.

A wider shot, of course, shows Cormac’s utter mockery for the concept of soft sleeping.  Not only has he removed all the cushions from the sofa bed, but he has pushed them out of view to clear himself a nice, woolly, carpeted space for his stretches.

Next up, a little cat/cow stretch?  Who can say.


Sofa Bed Sneer

25 Mar

My boys don’t always share.

However, one thing they do both enjoy is taking all the cushions off the couch.  If I didn’t know better than this, I’d say Cormac is mocking me by taking his seated nap right next to the instructions for opening the sofa bed.

Afternoon matinee cut short...

You may all find this hard to believe, but sometimes it seems like it would be nice just to put my kid in his room (in his bed, in case that’s not obvious) and have him sleep like a normal person. Instead, both of my children prefer to stubbornly refuse a nap and then crash, contrariwise, in the most uncomfortable possible location…tantalizingly close to a bed.

Poop on you, mommy.  Happy Friday.

I started the day today at #12 on the Circle of Moms “Funniest Mom Blogs” list.  Voting ends Monday!  If you haven’t voted yet today, do me a favor and click through to give me a thumbs up. YOUR VOTE REALLY MATTERS!  We have gained hundreds of new nap afficionados thanks to this great contest.  Thanks!

Couch (Back) Potato

9 Nov

It’s not like we don’t have beds in our house, folks.  Really.  In fact, in order to increase the sleepiness of our abode, we furnished our finished basement with a sleeper sofa (big enough for two cozy people, even).

William was interested in the sleeper sofa.  Unfortunately, he was not interested in the bed portion.


Just the back.

If you're not living on the edge...

Clearly, he is not kept awake by chocolate before “bed.”  Nor is puppy.

My little couch spud.

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