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Guest Napper #74 – Undercovers

16 Mar

We all like to have sweet dreams, but Noah has taken extra precautions to ensure that his are especially amusing.

Knock knock...

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Noah who?

You didn’t Noah it was me taking that nap, did you?

Ahhhh, I amuse myself. Really, I do. I’ll be here all week.

But, seriously, folks. Because sleep is serious issue. Can we give this little guy a 10 for his excellent performance?

Happy Friday to all!


Amazzzzing Abs

11 Jan

I know – it looks fake, right? Even as I’m turning my head this way and that, I feel my upper abs getting tired.

Imagine the six pack.

If this is preferable to napping in his bed, perhaps it is time for something cushier upstairs? This looks less like a nap to me than it does like some late stage of a boot camp workout. Tis the season!

See...foot isn't even touching.

I’m moving this kid past toddler soccer and martial arts and straight on to Cirque Du Soleil, people. When he wakes up, that is.

This nap is making my hair curl.

Once I sell him to the circus, I can retrieve my magazine.

Guest Napper #43

17 Oct

We always like a tandem nap, and this one has that little extra-special something. Judging by Nate and Jeremiah’s identical postures, I’d say there’s something genetic going on here. Could we be stumbling onto a (possibly worthless, but nonetheless interesting) scientific discovery at Naps Happen?

Nice to agree on napping style.

I’m no genius in the lab (and my friends from high school will attest to this, as I was nicknamed “Captain Careless” for spilling acid and also turning on the eyewash) but I predict that these two will also tend to stand in fig leaf position when posing for future family photos. Just wait.

In the meantime, their mom Jeni is just super lucky to have such snoozy boys. Beds? Who needs beds. We’ve got tandem naps!

Put Your Feet Up

23 May

Cormac is just taunting me, here.  Okay – this is not his bed.  But it’s like he said “You have failed as a parent.  As other toddlers nap in their beds the world over, this afternoon, I will lie here.”

End of Yoga Practice - Inversions

And he’s feeling pretty serene about it. Note the tranquil expression on his face. If only his legs were a little higher, I’d say he was doing his inversion at the end of yoga class. With shoes.

I especially like the synchronized napping he’s got going on with bunny, in the background.  Right leg UP…nowwww NAP!

May you experience a peaceful beginning to your pre-holiday week.  Go for the full shoulder stand.

(Nap) Attack Dogs

25 Jan

I do realize that this nap is in a bed (snooooooze) but I couldn’t resist the passel of puppies and the ‘tude that says “Back off, woman.  I’m napping.”

I can't hear you I can't hear you...

It is a scene like this that makes me quite sure I have some weekday battles in my future, getting William up and at ’em for school.

For now, he rests in the protection of his canine police force.  Fierce-looking, aren’t they?

Guest Napper #6

8 Dec

Again with the bed, but only part way.

Jail Break

Erin’s mom Lexie sent me this, with the comment that her daughter sleeps all over the bed.  Seems to me that the monkey on her foot would rather be elsewhere!  As Lexie put it, “he looks so happy to be free…”

Goodnight, Gorilla…

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