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Guest Napper #14 – Baby Bandit

31 Mar

My friend Katrina sent me this “Katnap” (snicker…come ON…could you resist?) her sleepy little Sienna took in the car getaway vehicle.

Stick 'em up. Yawn.

She’s strapped in for some wild driving and is obviously keen on hiding her identity.

But a girl’s gotta be glam, don’tcha know.  A life of crime is no reason to let yourself go.  I really like her attention to fashion here, what with the pink fake fur coat and the matching ski mask.

I am  a little concerned about her low level of alertness, however.  It doesn’t seem like she’s going to get that car started very quickly…????


What’s Your Favorite Nap?

30 Mar

Thanks to all of you wonderful people, I’m soon to be featured by Circle of Moms for being a Top 25 Funny Mom blogger!

As part of this little feature, they want me to tell them what my three favorite posts are.  Um…THREE?  I have 119 posts here!  If you have a favorite nap, please weigh in by going to that nap, clicking into it, and hitting “Like” right above the comments.  It will help me figure out what people should see if they’re visiting my blog for the first time.

Don’t forget about the naps way back at the beginning!  You can see all the archives to the right here in the margin.


Sleepy Summit

28 Mar

This nap actually took me back to the very first Nap (with a capital ‘N’) that ever Happened.

He was so close to the top...

I came down to the rec room because I heard the Pixar movie on the unending menu loop and found that William had been overcome by lack of oxygen while climbing Mt. Cushy and collapsed just a short distance from the summit.

I don’t know what he did with his foot gear, or why he was wearing clam diggers.


I feel sad for him, but you can see that he made it farther than hardy Buzz Lightyear, and that’s a real accomplishment.  Especially considering how much gear Lightyear has on and that he carries his own jetpack.

Sleepy serenity

You know, though, what Miley Cyrus would say.  It’s the climb.

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Sofa Bed Sneer

25 Mar

My boys don’t always share.

However, one thing they do both enjoy is taking all the cushions off the couch.  If I didn’t know better than this, I’d say Cormac is mocking me by taking his seated nap right next to the instructions for opening the sofa bed.

Afternoon matinee cut short...

You may all find this hard to believe, but sometimes it seems like it would be nice just to put my kid in his room (in his bed, in case that’s not obvious) and have him sleep like a normal person. Instead, both of my children prefer to stubbornly refuse a nap and then crash, contrariwise, in the most uncomfortable possible location…tantalizingly close to a bed.

Poop on you, mommy.  Happy Friday.

I started the day today at #12 on the Circle of Moms “Funniest Mom Blogs” list.  Voting ends Monday!  If you haven’t voted yet today, do me a favor and click through to give me a thumbs up. YOUR VOTE REALLY MATTERS!  We have gained hundreds of new nap afficionados thanks to this great contest.  Thanks!

Guest Napper #13 – Unbearably Tired

24 Mar

My friend Fran sent me several delicious naps that really warmed up my rainy day.  For cuteness factor, though, this one of her little guy (whose awesome name is Trip) was my top choice.

Looks like a Grrrreat Nap, eh?

I know, I know…my caption is a little saccharine.

What do you want from me, people?  Because the other direction I could go in has to do with hunting season, and that’s just WRONG.

With four more of this exhausted kid in the hopper, you know a joke about tripping is coming.  Because I’m that unpredictable.

Stairmaster Throwdown

22 Mar

In the growing spirit of competition between my snoozing sons, Cormac has attacked William’s greatest asset.

The stair nap.


Boasting a move never before seen in the nap-o-lympics, Cormac has even attempted this challenging feat without props.  As long-time fans know, William has executed two perfect stair naps before, but he’s always had help.

Aerial Maneuver

Look at that form.  A perfect 10.  He didn’t even drop his blankie.


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Sleepy Self-Portrait

21 Mar

In keeping with our continuing theme of imitating the great artists, William has been working on his self-portrait.

Portrait of the Artist

Apparently, he needed to remove all distractions (such as cushions) from the couch and commit to a spartan level of comfort in order to tap into his unrealized artistic potential.  Also, meditation may have played a role.

Ultimately, this was day was not fated to be the one in which he’d create that brilliant work.  I’m sure he’s feeling a little bit of pressure on that front, since his brother has already been working on the same project.

It was, however, a fantastic day for a nap.  That’s something any critic can appreciate.

The Lazies Who Lunch

18 Mar

Here’s to the lazies who lunch…everybody laugh.

William used to crash in some pretty strange places.  However, when it comes to falling asleep at his plate, it’s Cormac FTW.


Soft chair seat...

Aerial View

I almost have enough of these in the hopper to do “Face in Your Plate” week. Something to look forward to.

I hope none of you are waking up like this as your local Irish pub today.

Puppy Parade

16 Mar

With all the sobering news out there right now, I didn’t really feel right about posting comical naps this past week, hence my brief absence.  I want to say, first and foremost, that I am sensitive to the fact that people have much more important things to think about than silly blogs!

However, after spending the morning at the DMV, I was freshly inspired to post the “nap” you see below.  It was so appropriate, and it gave me a much-needed laugh to think of sharing it with all of you…most of whom have also been to the DMV at some point and know its particular tortures.

William put himself down for a nap (in bed – a shocker) the other day, which wasn’t that entertaining.  What was entertaining was how his room looked when he cheerily toddled downstairs for a juice.

Puppy Parade

I’m fairly sure this is really about William’s persistent desire for symmetry in life…but anyone who has ever observed meetings between dogs can’t help but notice a humorous authenticity to the way the dogs are arranged.

Are you a friend?

Greetings, puppies!

I am, indeed, thankful that my trip to the DMV was a little less friendly than this.

Take a number!

But at least they’re all standing in line quietly like civilized puppies.


Just a little message from William that we should all be friendly, wait our turn, and make time in life to enjoy the simple things.

A Puzzling Dream

10 Mar

I’m always seeing families on TV who claim they love to do puzzles together.  I would like to say that about our family.

“Oh, after a quiet family dinner we like to sit by the fire and do a puzzle together.”

I understand the G.W. Bush family rents puzzles to do together of an evening.  I saw it on Oprah.  You know, because puzzles are very expensive.

Well, guess what?  MY KIDS LIKE TO DO PUZZLES, TOO!

Trail of...puzzle pieces?

I think this is what might save me from that special room in hell for parents whose children watch every episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Five times.

But one puzzle is enough, as you can see by the fact that William collapsed with exhaustion upon his completed masterpiece, leaving puzzle #2 forlornly in pieces.

I pity the fool who touches my puzzle!

Just to make sure his puzzle is safe during his nap, William gets Blue Puppy and a few cars to park themselves next to him.  You know, the muscle.

Perhaps the Bush family would like to rent the other one?  It’s not being used…

Dozing Danseur

8 Mar

I’ve posted naps in the past that I characterized as “balletic” but this one takes the cake.

Recruit for the Russian Ballet?

Indeed…JUMP my little Baryshnikov!  JUMP!

Think of the sheer strength required to lift that Goofy.  I am agog.

Guest Napper #10 (Or Maybe #11). Redux.

7 Mar

You’re not going to recognize this guy, but he appeared not too long ago with his identical twin in just about the best tandem nap EVAH.  The problem is, I can’t tell which boy he is. You can hardly blame me.

Snug as a bug...

The only important thing to know is that this boy is having a very good sleep.  Who cares about any of the other details?

Like those little crocuses just waiting to pop up and delight us all…

His Better Half

4 Mar

As you all know, I just live for tandem naps.  More often, though, one kid naps while the other one either pesters me for my full attention (thereby preventing me from having a minute of personal time all day) or disrupts the other one.

Bedtime Story

Here we have a situation where I seem to have one boy napping while the other occupies himself with scholarly pursuits.  A rare treat, indeed.

And who doesn’t need a special treat today?  Has this not been a long week, people?  Are we not tired of cold medicine and cancelled school?

Slumber on, sweet Cormac.  Slumber on.

Over and Out

3 Mar

This is a good one for all my friends out there who are busy writing papers for school or correcting papers for school…or…staying up too late with the Kindle?

Tractor Tipping

William was busy reading about tractor tipping with his V-tech pen.  As you can see, the story was not thrilling enough to prevent an impromptu snooze at the height of the story.

Blue Puppy was also overcome.

Dragons and Monkeys and Chix Nuggets, Oh My!

2 Mar

There are a lot of things to say about this nap, and I don’t know which to choose…so I guess I’ll say them all.


First, I don’t know what motivates my children to remove all the cushions from the couch before sitting (and sleeping) on it.

Second, please note the horribly mismatched jammies.  On top is the Hanna Andersson dragon pattern and on the bottom a very faded, hand-me-down Old Navy number covered in faded monkeys.  The result is a weird Wizard of Oz flying monkeys effect.

Lastly – who doesn’t love a half-eaten chicken nugget waiting when he wakes up?  I want to issue a disclaimer that this chicken nugget was NOT in the couch before the cushions were removed.  Cormac brought it there before dozing off.  Really.  Honestly.

The wide shot

I assure you those instructions on the label do not suggest removing cushions and then sleeping on the unopened sofa bed.

And now nobody who visits us will want to sleep on the sofa bed.  Good going, Mom.




Guest Napper #12

1 Mar

We’ve all been hiding too long in our houses – buried by snow and coughs and Disney Jr. shows.  The first day of March!  A day to dust off your spiffiest togs and get out there to meet the spring!

Fancy Dress Nap

Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to little Cameron.  His mom, Carla, is a good friend of ours.  I assure you we did not fall asleep at her wedding.  Years later, however, Cameron the Ring Bearer went face down at his uncle’s wedding.  I’m sure this picture will come out to entertain Cameron’s future prom date in about thirteen years.

But, hey, at least he showed up!  And that’s what we’re going to do.  Get dressed and bravely face the day.

Maybe squeeze in a little nap later.

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