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Timid Tiptoes

5 Jan

First of all, this is the entryway of to my house.

Hiding from the new year?

Secondly, I’m still not sure how William gets into these hidey holes without an accomplice.

Hm. Comfy?

That is, by the way, one of those prickly wipe-your-feet-clean doormats next to his face.

A return to bomb shelters?

One thing that I can tell you is that he’s in this sunny spot for the long haul. Luckily, he brought one of his favorite bedtime stories.

Goodnight Tiptoe

Ironically, the character in this story is NOT sleepy. Some role model he turned out to be.

Sleep tight, little man.

I hope our burrowing boy isn’t awakened by a falling book. Goodnight, tiptoes!


Seismic Sleep

24 Aug

Naps Happen is back up and running after yesterday’s terrible quake.  I’m sure you have all been on the edge of your seats, wondering if we folks near the epicenter are doing okay.  Thanks for your concerned tweets!

We’re digging out here.

William ran for the doorframe, but he collapsed from exhaustion in the entryway (too much exertion) and was promptly buried in a pile of blankets and couch cushions.

ClOSE to the doorframe. Not in it.

Across the house, Cormac fell victim to the collapsing contents of our basket of unfiled bills and coupons.  He was, however, pretty unfazed.  Mom used to live in California, so he had some kind of…shake-proof genes.  He is undisturbed by this minor tremor.  Wish we could say as much for the National Cathedral!

An avalanche of bills.

Having survived this natural disaster, I am pondering what could have caused such an unusual event here on the normally stable (?) east coast.  William seems to have been studying up on this already.

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Global Warming?

I wish I could provide more insights on the matter, but we’re all just waking up here, and we’re a bit discombobulated.

Text "Naps" to 12345 to help rebuild the cushion fort...

In the meantime, I am thinking about having a better  some kind of evacuation plan when the big one hits.  Perhaps we should start by being awake?

Stay safe out there, East Coasters!  Be alert.

Sneaky Sleeper

4 Apr

Clearly I’m running out of material, because I’ve posted a pile of cushions.

Where's that baby?

Wait…is that a blonde curl?

A piggy toe?


Happy Monday to all!

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