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Guest Napper #79 – Scintillating Spring Break

2 Apr

I know this isn’t true for everyone, but today is the first day of what promises to be a very loooooong Spring Break for me.

Mind you, there was a time when Spring Break meant flirting with cute guys and cruising in borrowed convertibles. I wore a few outfits that scandalized my mother. I may have even taken a few naps…after being up until late at night annoying the regular residents of Palm Springs along with my thousands of spring breaking pals. I think we broke their spring, for sure. Anyhoo…

This picture from Dainelle, however, shows more accurately what I have to look forward to this week. I would say “let’s take the kids to an art museum” but Devon isn’t finding art very stimulating. Her drawing does appear to be soothing, however.

Sometimes art is boring.

I have to say that if Devon (a girl) is finding this coloring boring, you can bet the boys will last about 60 seconds at this activity, after which they will go out into the backyard and spend the next hour covering themselves in potting soil.

I so look forward to cleaning that up.

Devon looks like the coloring wore her out, though.

I'm just closing my eyes for a second, Mom.

Yep. I am looking forward to this week. Mmmhhhmmmm.

Yes, indeedy.



Symbolic Sleep

13 May

Sometimes I look at the strange arrangements of these naps, and I imagine them in an art installation.  Sure, people with a classical bent may say that this is just, you know, like a picture of a bunch of soup cans.  A Walmart rug.  A cheap sofa bed.


The genius is in the details, though.  See how the subject is arranged in a fetal position, lightly draped, evoking a return to the womb and celebrating all things feminine.  See how this motherly scene constrasts with the embarrassing big-box store carpet and the scattering of material possessions in the left-hand border of the photo.

And who is perceptive enough to spot the older child standing on the fringes of the pillow-sculpture?  What does it mean?  Is the artist making a commentary on the inevitability that all sons will eventually leave the organic safety of the mother (earth?) and become materialistic men?

I’m too exhausted by the possibilities.  Please excuse me while I take a quick nap.

Back to the comfy place.

Sleepy Self-Portrait

21 Mar

In keeping with our continuing theme of imitating the great artists, William has been working on his self-portrait.

Portrait of the Artist

Apparently, he needed to remove all distractions (such as cushions) from the couch and commit to a spartan level of comfort in order to tap into his unrealized artistic potential.  Also, meditation may have played a role.

Ultimately, this was day was not fated to be the one in which he’d create that brilliant work.  I’m sure he’s feeling a little bit of pressure on that front, since his brother has already been working on the same project.

It was, however, a fantastic day for a nap.  That’s something any critic can appreciate.

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