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Guest Nappers #19…and #20

10 Jun

This Sleeping Beauty is wearing the wrong Disney princess as a mascot, as she is clearly more inclined to emulate one of the snoozier ladies.

What came first, the spillage or the nap?

I’m grateful to Jennifer for sending me this snap of her daughter Rayne, who clearly just couldn’t make it through her entire meal before conking out.

But wait!  There is more!

Two babies!

Her brother Trace was also overcome mid-sip, adding to the growing evidence that some type of evil lunchtime spell has been wrought.

On the other hand, what may be an evil sleeping spell to the child can be a fairy’s gift to an exhausted parent.  Tandem nap?  YES, PLEASE!

For that, my lovelies, is the most powerful magic of all.  Have a great weekend!


Rapturous Repose

20 May

Sometimes the funniest details of a nap photo are only apparent to me when I insert it, full-size, into my post.  I thought I would be making a puppet joke.  For, indeed, Cormac looks like a boy (who is not yet a REAL boy), resting in his father’s workshop for the night.

But, instead, I noticed that he is peacefully resting on top of Mickey Mouse,  who looks like he has been crushed by his wee, curly Pinocchio.  Facedown.  No apologies.

Marionette, Interrupted

And then I had a really, really bad thought that this is all a premonition about tomorrow’s Rapture.  The angelic one, peacefully awaiting his heavenly reward (with the keys to The Gate at his feet) while the greedy, grasping empire of Disney lies FACE DOWN FACING THE RED FIRES OF HELL! (Or, as the case may be, a Lightning McQueen pop-up tent.)  Mickey and his friends will pay now for making me watch Bambi so very many times.

I worried for a minute that making fun of the (supposed) Rapture might send me to Hell.  But then my friend pointed out that there are SO many other reasons I won’t make the cut for the favored 3%.  This is the least of it.  Like what about that time my kid dipped his pacifier in the toilet at the Hilton Garden Inn?

(S)ave (O)ur (S)leep…

16 Nov

Some day, digital archaeologists will happen upon this picture and know that William collapsed tragically into an uncomfortable nap while spelunking under our kitchen table.


He attempted to signal me, using morse code and this flashlight, but he and his companions eventually succumbed to the soporific qualities of that comfy wool rug and surrendered to sleep before help arrived.

He took Disney down with him.  Mickey and Donald – you thought nothing could destroy them, eh?  That cup of juice just wasn’t enough for a thirsty boy, three puppies, a duck, and a freakishly large mouse.

Rest in peace, little adventurers.

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